Can you stand MkII

A while back I wrote a blog called “Can you stand” That one meant can you stand your ground. In these difficult times I ask the question again, only this time it is an entirely different question.

Can you stand the isolation? Can you stand the worry, both for yourself and friends and relatives? Can you get through this, especially if you live alone?

Well the worry for yourself and others is yours to deal with as best you can, but isolation and getting through this are things can be tackled. They can be tackled by coming to places like this, or Skype or one of the other type/voice/video calling sites.

I’ve been on this site for quite a few years now and over that period I’ve had my ups and my downs,  but this place has, on occasion, been like a life line thrown to a drowning man.

Bottom line, what I’m trying, in my barely literate way, to get across is that you need only be isolated and alone if you allow yourself to be.

Be safe, people.

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    1. However, sometimes I wonder about my sanity after an evening in the chat rooms! Only joking of course 🙂

      1. Jim, would you prefer that sorta chat room where sanity is defied, or a chat room where everyone sits around and listens to crickets chirp. Of course since I’m the crazy one…I guess I don’t know what a sane chat room sounds like. Either way, I still enjoy having the freedom to be a bit silly, or crazy in an insane way. Thank you Gentle Jim for being a part of that insanity…or not. I’d like to think sometimes great things stem from the crazies…but even greater things…bloom in moments of insanity.

  1. We are required by the rules to keep things clean and respectful. There is nothing in the rules about anyone having to be sane. If there was I’d have been banned years ago.

  2. I can stand alone……I live alone and am happy with my own company……I would normally go out every afternoon but that took a hit 12 weeks ago after a ankle opp…….I worry for my family and there is always a underlying anxiety……I dread reading the increasing number of deaths and confirmed coronavirus cases, ever on the increase…….I make a conscious decision to switch to more light hearted entertainment…….today I got my sketch pad and water colour paints out, baked a cake and made pancakes…….continue to look in on Facebook and some of the misleading rubbish posts….people moaning about the chaos in the shops…….about groups of people enjoying barbys on the garden from different families……my advice there is report report report…….senior chatters i usually pop in daily… the blogs…look down activity and sometimes pop in chat……no need to feel isolated in here……

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