For Remembrance day

The following was apparently written by a 14 year old boy asked to produce a Remembrance Day poem as a school writing project.


One Thousand Men Are Walking

One thousand men are walking

Walking side by side

Singing songs from home

The spirit as their guide

they walk toward the light milord

they walk towards the sun

they smoke and laugh and smile together

no foes to outrun

these men live on forever

in the hearts of those they saved

a nation truly grateful

for the path of peace they paved

they march as friends and comrades

but they do not march for war

step closer to salvation

a tranquil steady corps

the meadows lit with golden beams

a beacon for the brave

the emerald grass untrampled

a reward for what they gave

they dream of those they left behind

and know they dream of them

forever in those poppy fields

there walks one thousand men


Despite the bad press they often get, there’s not a lot wrong with the younger generations.

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  1. No Way, you are right about bad press. Instead of teaching our young to love, showed them how to hate based on example. Instead of teaching kindness and truth, morals and honor, we instead provided them with examples of greed and lies.
    My question now is what will this generation teach their children?

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