The White Witch’s Declaration

Some time ago I posted a blog about the White Witch of the Western Isles.

She was a wonderful old lady and she gave me a gift I have treasured ever since.

She also told me something which, at the time, I thought was mystical garbage. She told me that I would be the last.

I had no idea what she meant back in 1978. I do now.

"No-one really dies until their name is forgotten". As the last It is my duty to remember the names. I do!

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    1. kris52

      When the Germanic tribes fought against the Romans the historian Tacitus wrote “the woman sat and mourned the death of their people and the men sat around the fire and remembered those that bad fallen .For those tribes those warriors never died as they were not forgotten.
      A few hundred years a philosopher wrote.
      When a beloved dies he is not gone. He is only far.
      Forgotten are those whose names are not remembered.

  1. roseinbloom

    Waylander, I think you need to fill in some details, but I will say that a lot of wisdom was lost or called witchcraft or mystical garbage. My mother had me collect roots and plants and never explained what they were for or how she learned to use them. Fortunately for me, my mother knew about healing and had an almost magical way of knowing when we were really sick and what to do for us. My oldest brother had polio and my mother got him to the hospital before he was permanently damaged.
    We lost a lot of folk wisdom which was known by women mostly.

  2. Rockflower

    Just think how many unfortunate women were targeted in 15century Europe by religious zealots with a grudge against a woman or women as a whole. Any woman who appeared to commune with nature, care for wildlife. knew herbs and plants, helped the sick etc. All in danger of being taken, subjected to torture and hideously put to death for being perhaps of independent spirit. Or for having rejected the sexual advances of some unwanted male. One wonders why your wonderful wise old lady was called a white witch?? well some probably felt somewhat threatened because she questioned the authority of the established church, something like that. Still I absolutely agree with her, The essence of a person does live on, until all memory of that person is gone and no one is left to conjure that essence up to the living.

    1. waylander Post author

      The name “White witch” is what I called her. It always gave her a smile and she’d come back with “Away wi ye”. Locally she was just known as Wise Mary.

    1. Ms. K.

      I joke that I’d be called a witch because of my herbalist tendencies. I love using herbs, fruit and spices to heal. My beauty routine is pretty much out of my fridge, and has been since I was 18. The chemicals in so-called beauty products is downright frightening.

  3. Ms. K.

    Hi Rose. Try mashing a banana or strawberries, or even an avocado and mix with a little milk. Leave it on your face and neck for a little, then wash it off. Do you use a moisturizer? I like Nivea.

    1. starlette

      May I suggest a jar of Cocoanut oil…..the uses for it are endless, from eating and cooking, to cleanser, moisturiser, exfoliator if you add a little sugar or salt,hair conditioner, dry skin anywhere on the body……..Google it…..

  4. Ms. K.

    I love coconut oil! I have a cheap gym membership I got years ago. before I swim, I saturate my hair before putting on my cap. I also use it on my face and neck. Chlorine is so drying.