I’ve posted several blogs in defense of the current generation and, yes, this is another one, so if you doubt the youngesters perhaps you should read no further.

To set the scene, our local shops are in one solid row, about 18 of them. In front is a parking area which has an entryway and an exit, i.e. it’s a one-way street effectively.

Our local High School lets out for lunch at 1200hrs and this results in many of the kids heading for the shops for lunch. We have a mini-supermarket, a bakers, a pizza place, a Chinese and a fish & chip shop so lots of choices.

The other day I was down there when the hoards invaded for lunch and I heard one gent, younger than me by a good few years, mutter “Look at them. Useless bunches of bloody kids”.

At this point a middle-aged lady was walking into the shopping area and had to cross the car park to do so. It’s one way, so she only looked one way for traffic, stepped out……and was knocked base over apex by some idiot who’d just come barrelling in the exit, i.e. the wrong way.

One of these “packs” comprising about 20 kids (15 or 16 years old I’d say) immediately ran over to the fallen woman. 2 boys and a girl, knelt by her, one tall skinny redhead girl started shouting instructions. “Check for bleeding but don’t move her”. “Some of you get your coats off and over her to try to keep her warm” “Someone phone ambulance and police”. One of the group said “Kate’s talking to them now”. One of the group trotted off and collected the woman’s fallen purse and held onto it until the authorities turned up.

Quick action and thinking, yes? It didn’t stop there. At this point, the driver decided he’d best not be there anymore and took off running. He didn’t get far. 4 of the “pack” ran him down inside 30 yards and dragged him back.

Under the redheads instructions phones took pictures of the scene with the admonition “I’d better not see any of these posted online people!”

The police arrived first and were handed the driver, who they breathalysed, arrested and promptly bundled into the back of their car, and asked what everyone saw. About 10 stated wittering at once until the officer asked for one at a time. From somewhere in the group a voice said “You start Jenny” and up stepped the redhead again and gave a detailed and accurate account adding that all of the group would provide contact details and provide copies of all pictures they had taken should these be of any use.

The ambulance then turned up and after a short while took the woman away.

Just a useless pack of bloody kids eh? If I’m ever in trouble I hope there’s a pack just like that nearby.

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  1. Way the young of today get a very bad press, I am delighted you have wrote this blog, and I hope the said incident makes your local paper…….its usually the ones involving the thugs that get put into print. How they took control and gathered the info that was needed was brilliant………good for them for being able to restrain the driver and gather the required evidence on their phones……saved the police a job……and who knows, without witnesses it may have gone no further, leaving another low life on the Streets driving like a idiot……do they even know what exit or entrance means……or which way the arrows are pointing on the ground……sheesh…

  2. What a lovely – positive account, Way – and what a wonderful group of teenagers.
    Just goes to show we cannot ‘lump’ everyone into one category – there are the good, kind responsible people among all of us at any age.

    Well done you for documenting this occurrence and I hope someone will also bring the story to the attention of the local media – something positive about the younger generation for a change. This group certainly need praise in abundance.

  3. I’m told our local radio station reported on the story in both their News and Good News sections. Putting it in the good news was, I think, highly appropriate.
    Incidentally I understand the lady who was knocked down is OK. Bumps and bruises and a bit of concussion, but otherwise fine.

    1. Lovely Blog,
      I have 450 Primary School Children here at the School and almost everyone of them are polite lovely children. Tom. School Premises Manager

  4. Yes we all have seen the self entitled boorish teenagers and read of the wild parties and lack of responsibility. It is a fact, bad news registers more easily than the good. I have to say I meet some lovely young people, often in the car park a young stranger will offer to push my cart to the car or take my cart back. If I’m offered help even if I don’t really need it I always accept with pleasure and have a little chat

    1. I got a tremor or something in my computer….well it is old! so my blog was posted before I finished. I wanted to finish by saying we all have to be great receivers as well as great givers. , it is not always easy to do good.Sad to say older people are not always great receivers, it could be embarrassment or well what ever? So do reward those who proffer help and try to make them feel good…….sometimes it is not easy to do good.

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