Ghost or Spirit warriors

Many cultures have a tradition of ghost or spirit warriors.

The Once and Future King , the Spirit Warriors of the American plains tribes, The Lion legend of the Zulu people.

Do such people exist? Did they ever? Will they, as the legends say, return in their people’s greatest hour of need to lead them?

Think about it. Are these historical heroes real or not? Does it matter?

As long as there is a rally point. A point of inspiration for a people then, to my mind yes. They are very real.

Sometimes fact or fiction matters not a damn. What matters is what people believe. that something or someone inspires them, especially to stand up to an oppressor. To fight back. To strive for their people.

So historically real or not, these ghost/spirit warriors are not only real, they are very necessary.

I suspect many will say my views are, at least simplistic, at most totally delusional, but I think somewhere inside all of us is a need to believe in something greater, but some have difficulty with deities, so fix on a person, real or legendary or even fictional, as inspiration in the fight for liberty or whatever the hell you want to call it.

So the next time someone speaks of Arthur or Spirit Warriors or The Lion, think before you deride them.

One day you might need inspiration to fight back.

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  1. Waylander, I enjoyed this blog but I do not believe in the spirit warriors. I wish I did, I am sure they would March in and save us before it is too late.

  2. Way lander….I believe ‘stories’ and myths are very important to us all. I think at a very deep Jungian level we know this, accept this. As our environment shapes us and our needs vary, I think we have the myths and legends that support us. I also believe that even the most astounding and challenging myths and spirits, if you could back far enough, you’d find there was a person or some truth at the kernel of the story.
    We all have a need to believe that people can be good, heroic, this is why we are moved when a story is reported of someone doing The a heroic action. The teacher who puts herself in front of the gunman to protect her children. Recently the guy in France who climbed the building to rescue a child dangling from a balcony.Not only physical bravery ….the whistle blower who exposes corruption knowing they will suffer for their actions but do the right thing anyway. The politician who stands up for what they believe is ‘right’ against the flow of popular opinion or their colleagues. Note something here? In all these actions the individual is risking self for the good of the group. The human species has the world divided into manageable chunks……. Country, county, town, community, family. At our core we are a social ape, we know the “group’ is the most important element of life, no group, no life Ok that is putting it simplistically but basically true I think.This is why loneliness is such a cruel demoralizing state.
    The mythical warrior? If you are British you think of king Arthur, Drake. Dake’s drum and all that. Nelson and maybe Churchill but perhaps it is a bit soon to give him mythic status. Sorry American friends, I don’t know your history well enough. Washington? Lincoln? Please tell us. Why do we think about them……… I would propose it is because we all know that the status quo is constantly challenged……It is possible we will be attacked, We need to know we have had success in the past, have produced the person necessary for the task. From this the people draw courage for the present and draw together. Our own mythical hero warriors …well their stories are embroidered to fit our aspirations of what we all want to be like, what we need a leader to be like. They are a kind of genetic blue print for a country. Yes they are important even now.

  3. I also enjoyed the stories of the American Indians, their culture and their beliefs. My aunt married a man who was a Mexican Indian, an orphan raised by missionaries. He was the kindest and most interesting person that entered my life.
    In the early 90’s we had a wonderful, award winning tv series called ‘Northern Exposure’ which took place in Canada. Along with great writing and acting it showed much of the culture and beliefs of the Alaskan Indians. If you can catch that series somewhere, you would truly enjoy it.
    By the way, there is much truth about our Indian’s ‘rain dance’, I read much about it and how their beliefs would make it happen. This shows how it’s all about strong belief. Love your blog, Way. Thanks for writing it.

  4. Great thought way ..anything that encourages a man being to be better person has to be good ….Belief in any thing that encourages man to rise above personal problems and empowers him or/ her to be stronger has to be good.

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