Caustic British Humor

Where has all the caustic English humor gone,
…. long time passing,
Where has all the caustic English humor gone,
...long time ago,
Where has all the caustic English humor gone,
young once left it somewhere one by one,
when will they ever learn,
when will they ever learn?

In memory of Pete Seeger who died recently.

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      1. vonMichael Post author

        That can’t be the truth I’m so sorry. I was told that the brits have invented the English Language but the americans have ruined it?

    1. vonMichael Post author

      Very well said Star and a good hint too. But where to find where to meet the right crowd? Till now I’ve only found one person who matches my preferential

  1. vonMichael Post author

    Yes Star you may be right with what you are saying. I mean the
    the loss on intellectual spirit in the head of people to make a
    conversation not only more interesting but giving it a sub direction
    so the thoughts and words can flow. And you you may also agree with
    me a talk is quite different from a conversation?xxx

    1. starlette

      I do agree Michael, the art of conversation is still alive……….but unfortunetly not everyone is able to converse easily……….can be very hard work with some people… i say, get with the right bunch of witty people and it just’s flows. xx