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 Christmas knocks at the door

For all SC I have a wish for those upcoming days. Peace, health, nice contcts, new friends and so much luck you can’t carry in both of your hands. O I’ve nearly forgotten to mention it: thanks a lot you have accepted me as a German in your wonderful forum. Have a nice time abd […]

 Donkeys bequest

In case you intend of spending your holidays abroad next year please take heed of donkeys which cross your way. On their back you will see a black crucifix that will remind you Jesus came on the back of a donkey to Jerusalem. It will also tell you that the substance of the bible is […]

 I’ll have to apologise

for having placed my Blog ** Behind the curtain ** in a wrong group. That theme is very specific and ment for people who are no one minute server. This theme goes deeper into the background of the internet itself and requires a higher level of manual programming. So I say sorry again for wasting […]

 Behind the curtain part II

The most of you will not understand because it is very intricate if you do not come out of the absolute programming what I was going to say. So I’ll try to expand the topic by an example. HTML and PHP are computer languages that work behind of what you see on the screen like […]

 Behind the curtain

of a website. You should know any website is written in a special language html, php for instance. The content is important and necessary for any browser in the world to read it. No matter if only text makes the content or a picture or the mixture of both. So if you start SC a […]

 English…more than just a language

Many thanks for all the ideas, new views and interpretations of this topic. Since many years we cultivate an intensive better to know, better understand of nationalities by meetings in different parts of the globe. The main topic for the end of this year was England in in all its facets from history to live […]

 A language, just a language ore more?

Once a month member of our social club meet for discussion on philosophy, psychology, environmental solutions right out of our front door or elsewhere in the world. Strictly excluded are themes of politics, religion, health e.g. Out of the blue one member who has nearly reached the 80 now spread the question into the round, […]

 Thanks to all of you

After joining SC for more than 6 month I think time has come for me to say thank you very much to all those writers who have set up posts with intelligence, psychological factors, life experience and last but not least vocational training. Only a few title of all will remain in my head and […]

 Meeting love in the net

Women are as far as my impressions go very fussy about the garment they are wearing. I believe seldom, very seldom they would buy and wear a worn dress. With men they are at least not that fussy at all. Otherwise many dating pages would be published. No matter which page in the net gets […]