To buy or not to buy Part III

The show must go on with the ingredients in our daily food. So you may
have heard or even better read the name BHT= Butylhydroxytoluol?
This is an antioxidant and is been used in our daily food to keep it fresh
for a longer period. If you have no problem with eating a petroleum
mixture carry on enjoying your cornflakes which stays fresh for weeks
like being protected by a magic hand.

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  1. ozzybloke

    Well, the BHT is not listed on either packets of my serials but I might have to contact the manufacturer – just tom make sure!

  2. roseinbloom

    I’ll try to skip the BHT. I appreciate your bringing this to our attention. I read a book on processed food, Called “Pandora’s Lunchbox’. A very troubling book.