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 Earth poem

This is one of quite a few earth poems, as yesterday 22 April was earth day, here is my latest poem. I expect some of you won’t like it, I don’t mind or some might think its over the top. Its just the way I see things. We were put on this earth to share […]

 Dementia Poem

Hope this doesn’t upset anyone The curtains closed on his mind Who am I I m one of a kind Sometimes the curtains open A glimmer of light shines through Who are you I m your wife We once had a life He had a blank look on his face A twinkle in his eyes […]

 For pet lovers

I think this is true for all pet owners. Pets leave paw prints on your heart Some, might need a fresh new start They need love and care And a life to share A pet for life Yours or its A pet also needs to fit They might leave big holes In your bank account […]

 Me and some of my life

I am not sure how people might like this, this is just a bit about my life. I haven’t been on any adventures or anything as most my life has been caring. Working on a farm with animals and machinery they needed caring for. Getting married and getting off to a bad start having to […]


Two minutes of time is all it takes To remember those who laid there life on the line In their time and ours That’s why we wear The little red flowers Two minutes of time is all it takes To remember those who died at sea Protecting us from the enemy Two minutes of time […]

 What has happened to members?

Is it just me or is it others who wonder what happens to the new members. Everyday when I read the Birthday list there is quite a lot of people on who have only been on for the free 2 weeks, some have not been on for quite a long time and still on the […]


I got the idea for this poem after visiting the menim gate as ypres. For those who haven’t been it has thousands of manes on the wall who fell in the first world war and who’s body’s have not been found The poem more or less says the same thing. His name is one of […]

 First world war poems. Written by me

THE PRICE The troops were happy Smiling as they marched to the front Most were only young men Doing there bit for king and country They saw Experienced Things they weren’t told The mud Blood Cold It was a living hell Most didn’t do very well They laid were they where shot Their bodies left […]

 Christmas Dinner

Some people in the world Don’t know what Christmas is They don’t get a Christmas dinner So remember when your eating yours There are people out there Getting thinner and thinner They might not get any food at all For them life is no ball Hope it’s not classed as a sad one and gets […]