Me and some of my life

I am not sure how people might like this, this is just a bit about my life.
I haven’t been on any adventures or anything as most my life has been caring. Working on a farm with animals and machinery they needed caring for.
Getting married and getting off to a bad start having to help care for my first son who spent most if his short life in hospital due to a very rare genetic condition he only spent about 9 months of his 2 years at home. The staff on the ward said we where good caring parents.

Then having to care for my other son and daughter, as well as having to care for my husband who at the age of 46 died from Motor neuron disease he died at home while still having to care for the other two who were aged 7 and 9. We all had our problems, still managing to keep together.

My son now 30 has just being diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome.
He still lives with me at home and can more or less look after himself, its his moods and behavior that I find hard to cope with, he is on medication and is on the housing list.

My daughter has just got a flat of her own and is finding it hard to adjust.

I am still caring for animals as we have a number of small pets.

Quite a few of my poems are about environmental issues.

I expect a few people reading this will think its just normal for a woman to care, maybe it is. I have left all the horrible things I have been through out so as not to upset other people.

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  1. Sugrnspice , I’m so very sorry you had gone through so much suffering in your life. Writing about it would help to unload a bit ,if you don’t feel that sharing it here its appropriate . Why don’t you write your story as a novel. It will probably help you to deal with some of the pain you have been carrying for so long ! And most probably help others who are in a similar situation .
    My heart goes out to you ! Much love xxx

    1. Sugs, I have had the pleasure of meeting you a couple of times. You are a lovely person and I know about some of the difficulties that you have been going through. I admire you for the way you have conducted your life. I hope that your son soon gets housed and that you just get time for you…..Ann xxx

  2. Well it would seem that some people draw the short straw in life sugrn, you most certainly haven’t had a sugar coated life by any means……..but our trials through life make us what we are………. big respect to you for not letting the past turn you into a bitter and resentful women…….your life still isn’t easy, just hoping it gets easier for you… …xx

  3. Might be better if you put the horrors in, Sugs. Might wake a few people up to what people are coping with and still managing to be constructive and upbeat on here.

    So sorry to hear of your trials. First i’ve known of that.

  4. sugarnspice, I love that name and it is the opposite of some bitter pills you have had to swallow so keep focusing on what is sweet and wonderful as you probably have done or you would not have survived it. Just believe as starlette said, that some just get the short straw, or just bad luck, and you deserve as much as anyone else and hopefully your luck will shift soon.
    I agree with all the comments here and hope they help some sugarnspice.

  5. Sugr, thank you for sharing some of your life experiences with us. You have cared for a lot of people in your life. You deserve to be cared for and looked after too.

  6. Hello Suggs i admire your courage and have a lot of respect becauseur i have a twin Sister mentaly handicap.our father died when we were 15 i thought the world was dieing at that time but life Goes On .our mother died in 2006 she didn t recognized me any more she was 79 and lost her leg diabetis .i took My Sister with me in West Flanders 30 min from Ieper .i could not let her live alone in Brussels so she lives here and she s happy she works in a handicap village where every one is under supervising too look after that no mistakes are made with machinery .she works in a cleaning factury for clothes so she is not alone.i learn her how to clean the house how to coock what is not easy becauseur i must check if everything is in orde gas electricity water etc…. She lives in another world which is difficult to understand and its hard phisiquely emotionely in my case .but i care about her it s a normal thing .on our mothers Side she was from yougoslavia and years ago with war in Kosovo her family were exterminated and killed so the only thing we have is a souvenir when we were 6 in 1964 we saw them for the last time .

  7. It is not normal for women to care, you are a tender heart! Your family is very lucky , very lucky…you were there. Thank you sharing, you are very, very strong Sugar!!!!!!

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