Christmas storyThis is one of my own stories its new and old

Mary and Joseph are on the road to Bethlehem as they were like a lot of other people fleeing from the censors.

Mary is heavily pregnant.

They had been on the road for a few days, staying in hotels, bed and breakfast places over night.

“How many more miles do we have to go, Jo? Mary asked “I think my waters have broken”.

“According to the sat-nav 50” said Jo.

“Can we stop in the next lay by” Mary asked so I can get some dry clothes on.

They parked up, she got changed and they where soon back on the road again.

After a few more hours they hit a traffic jam.

“Hope they aren’t all going to the same place as us Mary said I think the baby is coming” Jo, she said breathing through another contraction.

“Hold on,” Jo said . “How far apart are they”?

“Fairly close together” said Mary “Better give the hospital a ring”

“They are closed” said Jo


Mary said

Now what am I going to do she thought

When they arrived in Bethlehem all the Hotels, Guest Houses and Inns were full.

“I will be having this baby on the street,” Mary said “I want to push”

“Hold on “said Jo. We will try this inn.

They had no room but they did have a stable. They could stay there

I don’t want this baby in a stable Mary thought. Suppose its better than on the street though

The inn keepers wife got some fresh straw put some on the floor and the rest in the manger

“How are you doing dear” she said

“Think this baby is ready to be born” said Mary

Sure enough it was.

“Its a boy,”said the inn keepers wife.

“I have nothing to wrap him up in” Mary said.

“Don’t worry” said the inn keepers wife “I will go and get some towels”

She was soon back

“There you are” she said as she wrapped him up in one towel and laid another one on the straw in the manger.

“You look as if you could do with some food” I will go and see what we have left.


The Shepherds where sitting round their camp fire as well as keeping an eye on their sheep.

One was looking at the sky

One said “there seems to be more shining stars than ever tonight”

As he was looking a few of the stars grew brighter than the rest of them. Then they heard faint music in the sky, the music was getting louder and some brighter stars grew even brighter then some angels appeared to them

They where all frightened and huddled together as they hadn’t seen anything like this before.

The biggest of the angels said

“Please don’t be afraid, we have come to tell you of great joy a new king is born on this special morning to save the world from sinners.

He is in a stable, laying in a manger. Follow that big bright star, then the angles disappeared and the sky was quiet .

“A king Born in a stable,” said one of the shepherds.”We will have to go and see this special baby”.

Mary and Jo where wondering why people where coming to see their baby

Then someone said to Mary “Is this the special king?” Mary didn’t know what to say. As far as she knew he was an ordinary baby.

Then around dawn the shepherds arrived.

“We have come to see the king” they said

They bowed down in front of the baby

Mary was wondering how this had happened, then she remembered having a dream, or she thought it was.

In the dream an angel came to her and said. You will give birth to a special baby who will be the king of kings.

“The baby will be born in Bethlehem in a stable and will be laid in a manger.”

It has all come true Mary thought.

When Mary and Jo were both alone she told him her dream. Jo said he had a similar dream. He was told by the angel you would give birth to a special baby.

“Why didn’t you tell me before”. Mary said. “Because like you I thought it was just a dream” Jo replied.

In other parts of the world star gazers noticed the very bright star. Instead of moving it stayed still. On some days it was the brightest of all the stars. It shone day and night.

Then they heard on the news about the star and what it was to represent, the birth of a new king who would save the world.

The governments of the different parts of the world sent their top ambassadors to see the baby.

They would arrive in Bethlehem on the same day.

Some where a few days later as their planes had been delayed due to drones of strikes.

By this time the baby was three weeks old. Mary and Jo where getting rather fed up of still been in the stable and wanted to go back to their home.

It was at least another week before all the important people had seen the baby.

After that they returned to their home town.

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  1. Wow…I loved how you emerged it into modern day. You do much like I do, and I’m working very hard on this…you tell the story without much description because you know what it looks like in your head, but as a reader I can not see the description in your head… I would love to see the mass of cars at the red lights with honking , two cars smashed up , and angry drivers standing outside of their cars with many choice words because they are blocked in, how the hospital was so overwhelmed by the crowds that they had to close their doors…and why there was a stable in the middle of a busy city, and the warm liquid that poured uncontrollably from her and down the motorcycle seat( I know you did not describe that she was on a motorcycle…I was just trying to figure out what kink of creature she was on). Good concept…really it is. Thank you for sharing. Please understand I want us to help each other…please share your ideas about my writings as well.

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