For pet lovers

I think this is true for all pet owners.

Pets leave paw prints on your heart

Some, might need a fresh new start

They need love and care
And a life to share

A pet for life
Yours or its
A pet also needs to fit

They might leave big holes
In your bank account

Don’t leave them out in the cold
When they get old

They may cost a bit more money
I know, its not funny

When they go
Its hard you know
Its a good relationship lost

Does that matter about the cost?

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  1. When you take them on (pets that is) you take them on for life. Money doesn’t matter. You never let them go unless they’re in pain and you can do nothing about it. Then you do what you must to save them from that pain, but they never really leave you.

    Always, in the back of your mind, they are there. Advising, criticising.

  2. I remember every animal who has ever lived with me and they all share a bit of my heart.Ive laughed with them,worried about them,loved them and wept when they were ill or when they left me. I’ve never thought about what they cost,cos you just don’t,you simply love them.My present little manAlfie,is clever,bolshie,sly and greedy.And I love him a lot……..
    Wouldn’t be without him!

    1. Well, here I am, brand new to this Site, and I suppose I should tell everyone about myself, but instead I’m going tell about my 12 cats! ( That’s not a lot; time was when I had over 30!) No, don’t worry, I won’t try your patience, I’ll actually only talk about the two oldies, Auntie Phoebe and Conan. Siblings, they’re now in their 16th year, and I feel that this will be their last Christmas with me. They, as are most of my feline buddies, are family; I sat by the cupboard door when they were born, and now I treat them as their years deserve, suffer their little idiosyncrasies and demands ( Conan has been blind for some time), and am thankful that they’ve had good lives.
      And I know that when I stroke him or her that one last time and fumble my way out the surgery door, that I’ll berate myself for not being tougher, I’ve been there so many times before, he or she has had a long life, etc…
      But even if the sunshine out in the vet’s carpark doesn’t seem as bright, my life has been that little bit warmer for their being part of it.

  3. Haven`t had a pet for a long time but in years past I`ve had Guinea Pigs,Chooks,Budgerigars,Rabbits,Frogs,Lizards,Spiders,Cats,Dogs and Goldfish.On those occasions I recall my pets they are as alive today as they were back then.They do have a special place in ones life and those memories are always good.These days my pets are out in the wild around my immediate place,34 species of birds,5 species of reptiles,3 marsupials and heaps of pesty insects,I enjoy them all except the mossies.

    1. Hi, Sylvestercat. (I once had a mogg named Sylvester; he had a shaggy silver-grey mane.) Absolutely agree with you about mosquitoes; if only they went about their dastardly missions silently it wouldn’t be so bad (despite the itchiness) – it’s that damn noise they make! Little mini-Stukas tormenting one even before dive-bombing.
      Actually, where I live we spell their abbreviated name with a ‘zz’, as in ‘buzz’; seems appropriate! It’s also to distinguish it from our local affectionate term for the common sparrow, ie: “mossie” (no idea where this originated!)
      One bossy little male sparrow sits on a window frame in the kitchen every morning and chivvies me for breadcrumbs; my fault, I started the routine. I call him Cap’n Jack, as per Johnny Depp’s character in ‘Pirates of the Carribean’…

  4. Pets can and do change people’s lives so much, I love animals, but it really hurts me,about how much animal abuse is going on. These are beautiful innocent animals,and sadly,wicked evil people think it is ok to hurt,abuse them.

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