I am me I don’t pretend to be anyone else. When I was working I was doing farm work from helping look after sheep and lambs, and rearing bull calf’s for beef. The farm also grew crops so part of the work also involved tractor driving, then there was hay time and harvest time all skills I learnt with lots of physical hard work. It was something I enjoyed.

If any of you are reading this you might think I have had a boring life so far. Not in the  least My life has been full of challenges even married life even though it was only short dew to death

I used to be very active now I can’t do much so having to make a big life change has also been a challenge as my mind says I can still do things, my body says other things

Even now I still like been outside in the garden depending on the weather growing stuff even my plants get a second chance if they aren’t doing well they don’t get thrown on the compost heap. I am a caring person, not only for plants People Animals and the Environment.

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  1. I love the fact that you lived on a farm. I bet you can tell some stories on being there when sheep gave birth. Farm life is never boring…never, although I was a city girl, I’ve heard stories of farm living it is not easy but very rewarding. Thank you Sugar. As I said earlier, great stuff, please keep sharing/

  2. Good for you!  I would love to hang out in a working farm for a month or so.  I love animals of all sorts.  (Except I have a slight aversion to frogs.)  

  3. I grew up on a small farm. When I was younger, I hated it because I wanted the excitement of being in the mix of things. But now, I am so thankful. I mean, how many people have made homemade butter by shaking cream in a mason jar, milked cows and goats, canned fresh vegetables, drove a tractor, snatched a fresh corn cob from the field and ate it raw? It taught me so much! About work ethic, appreciating the simple things, etc. And now that I am older and have lived in cities and suburbs, I want to go back to that life of simple living once again.

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