Earth poem

This is one of quite a few earth poems, as yesterday 22 April was earth day, here is my latest poem.

I expect some of you won’t like it, I don’t mind or some might think its over the top.

Its just the way I see things.

We were put on this earth to share

Forests cut down

To feed people like you and me

Death and destruction everywhere

Doesn’t anybody care?

Global warming

New life forms forming

Weeds coming immune to chemicals

Genetic food

Birds, insects and animals becoming rare

Sea life poised by pollution in the sea

Doesn’t anybody care?

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  1. The human species will become extinct fairly soon Sugs….Those fat cats that sit in thier ivory towers ,raking in the money from their poisons and disregard for nature will die alongside the rest of us,along with the rapicious polititions,war mongers and religious fanatics.
    Us ordinary people will deserve our fate too,because we did very little or nothing to stop the rape of our planet.
    Over the next billion years or so,the planet will heal itself ,and throw up another intelligent species that may,just may,do the right thing.
    We live in hope.

  2. Sugarnspice. I like your poem and I am glad that you shared it here. Our planet is in trouble and most people know that there is too much pollution even if they do not understand global warming or the enormity of the problem.

  3. Thank you for sharing your poem Sugarnspice. We are so blessed to have such a complex and beautiful planet. It is frightening to consider what this world will be like for our grandchildren and great grandchildren. I do believe that overall they are better informed and will care for the planet better than previous generations.

  4. Liked your poem. A very scary time for our world. We put off and ignore the things we know need to be addressed. Unfortunately some deny the existence of a problem. All we can do is our own contribution and voice our concerns.

  5. So very true, we are over populated, over developed in some areas and drought and poverty in others

    What in the future, we do not know and can anyone solve this problem.

  6. I am not really although my wife is a keen poet – but I do get your messages very clearly – it’s a pity some of our world leaders don’t get a copy, for all the warning bells for the future are ringing – – loudly!

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