What has happened to members?

Is it just me or is it others who wonder what happens to the new members.
Everyday when I read the Birthday list there is quite a lot of people on who have only been on for the free 2 weeks, some have not been on for quite a long time and still on the list.

Then there is the lifetime members who haven’t been on for 2 years or more, what has happened to them?

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    1. good thinking Powder will have to make that arrangement , just returned from hospital Friday night after a few days and connected to drips etc. could not let anyone know becausu e i could not use a puter , and my daughter was in hospital at the same time for dental work… so she couldn’t let anyone know where i had been either , however we are both back on the mend and taking things slowly, but it does give one time to think about this idea thank you for posting this .xx

  1. They probably did not want to invest the time…or money. Me I would pay the money to get quality site to express myself on and someone to watch who comes onto the site. I like the private site, not everyone does.

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