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 From ashes, Love Does Spring Eternal

I have blogged here to share my experience that may be of value to others. I am 73 years old and have been married three times. I was betrayed in all of them, but somehow I got enough faith in the possibility of friendship, that I began dating again and Lo and behold I have […]

 Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday, Celebrations

Tomorrow is Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday. I have planned to celebrate it, because I plan to celebrate just about anything and everything. I believe Trouble will find you but you have to make your own fun. For some people, there are serious religious reasons for Mardi Gras and Lent. Religion can spawn celebrations that are […]

 Bargain shopping, Saving Money

I know I buy too much, but I am not as concerned with that as I need to be. I just don’t want to buy things and get lousy quality or just don’t use it to justify the price. I have come to realize that being brought up in the country with little money was […]

 Blue Language for Blue Cold

I wrote the following blog and I think the post that I read is a hoax from a source written for entertainment value. Well here in the USA, most of our news is more for entertainment than real news so I believed it, and the language that I hear is shocking also and getting bluer […]

 Surviving Winter and Life

It is cold here, 10 F and feels like 0 F.That is cold for Louisville Kentucky. We are southern. Most don’t own a real winter coat and don’t wear a coat if they do, but they hate winter. I spent most of my life in a much colder place and we took winter seriously. Winter […]

 New Years Traditions

I have about 15 minutes before midnight on New Years Eve and I have already decided on what to cook tomorrow. I like to celebrate and I like to cook, so any silly or real reason makes sense to me. In this part of the world certain foods are supposed to bring good luck. We […]

 Am I Lazy or just OLD?

I have 2 nieces in the hospital right now having heart surgery and this has made me much more determined to eat better, work more and harder, and to have a formal exercise program. I am over 70 and all my complaints are minor. I am not diabetic, my blood pressure is normal and I […]

 I am opinionated, Apology

Apparently, I am too OPINIONATED for some tastes. I write blogs and usually people ignore me or make insightful comments or comments which expand the topic. I usually get along with everybody in the chat room. So this is not about blogs. I was TOO OPINIONATED in a chat room discussion. Recently I was told, […]