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 Good News. Eat and fight depression

It seems that we are a bit old and tired and we want to take it easy and we are having trouble with even that. This might interest you. Most all healthy food, grains, meats, fruits and veggies, all have a lot of tryptophan which has a calming effect and triggers the feel-good phase in […]


AM I the only one who finds it harder to be OPTIMISTIC and still expect more good things to happen in life. Do you also have trouble just BUZZING around and making HONEY like a good little BEE. NO, I think it takes a serious WORK to remain optimistic, positive, and still have goals and […]

 Our Big Refrigerators and What is in Them.

Hey, ever wonder what Americans keep in their great big refrigerators. I recently remodeled my kitchen and I had a huge problem trying to find a refrigerator to fit my space. Counters are usually 24 inches deep and the refrigerators were 30 inches deep at least.I noticed that European refrigerators fit under a counter and […]


Today is a perfect weather day in my city. We are in a perfect weather series of days and more are expected. So what to I do? I don’t want it to go to waste. When I need to get my grouches out, I have to find another complaint. I also have to find some […]

 HOLD the Purse TIGHT

I went to get my hair done yesterday and my stylist told me ALL about having her WALLET ROBBED, She was getting into the trunk of her car, a woman came by and said something and a man SNEAKED up and got the WALLET out of the purse. The purse was open and only closes […]

 Labor Day a Better Appreciation

Today is Labor Day in the United States and in Canada. Midst the barbeques and parades, and relaxation, I don’t think many people know the huge struggle that ordinary people have endured and died to obtain the work benefits we enjoy today. Most people for centuries were in some form of bondage and not free. […]

 No communication, No relationship

I just read a poster and it prompted me to do this blog: Without COMMUNICATION there is no RELATIONSHIP. Without RESPECT there is no LOVE. Without TRUST there is no reason to CONTINUE. This poster sums up a lot that we may know but lose sight of when we are in the MUDDLE of our […]