Squeezing a Nickel: Favorite Ways to Save Money

I like to save money and I am sure you do too. I also like to be generous and unselfish so I am talking about saving money from businesses but sometimes I feel sorry for a small business owner and just try to give them some business. I still like to save money and have my ways of doing this and I am sure you do too. I will list some of my favorite and best and hope you will too.

My favorite is my Amazon account which I share with a friend and I get free shipping, fast delivery, and some great prices. I became an Amazon member to buy books and now I buy books, coffee, creamers and a whole lot more. I save time and money. I like that. I do second-hand books usually and I buy second-hand products in other places. I love things getting delivered to my door, it is like sending myself a gift.

I bought a second-hand car for myself which was half the price of an economy new car and I have ridden in luxury for five years and did no repairs. I would never buy a new car. I bought the perfect car for me with creamy white leather and many safety features, and it looked and felt like a new car. I also bought my grandson a used car still under warranty for half the price of a new one which my grandson was thrilled to get and he picked it out himself. When you buy a cheaper car, taxes, and insurance are also cheaper so that is also good. Buying my used car was totally thrilling for me and a new one would not have been in any better for me.

 With the internet, we can get all kinds of coupons and promotions for restaurants and hotels and save a lot of money. We can study the menu at home and make a better choice than when we are with others and the waiter is hovering over us. We also can spend our time enjoying ourselves and being social. Sometimes, I think they rush you on purpose.When I talk about saving money, I am not talking about depriving yourself. Naturally the less we buy, the more money we will keep. I am just talking about saving on what you buy though, some things we buy could cause health problems and we haven't done ourselves any favors like going out to eat, for example.

I found a website today that has ideas, products, and travel for women over 60, so I found very inexpensive trips to cities around the world which is one thing I like to do. The internet can save us a whole lot of money and the more we use the internet the greater value we get. I almost never go to movies,  and I subscribe to three streaming services. I had a total of five friends and family on one account that was only $9.99 a month which is about the price on one movie with popcorn. I bought one product online which was cheaper than in the store, but I don't know how common that is but it is trending in that direction.

I have hit the major ones for me and even though I like quality and have epicurean taste, I save money and rarely compromise on quality nor do I fail to get what I really want. After we satisfy our basic needs, everything else is just to make us happy and happiness is an individual thing and I try never to spend money for the wrong reason like keeping up with the neighbors. I just wanted to start this discussion and am anxious to hear your bargain secrets.

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  1. Rockflower

    Hi Rosinbloom, I know I should save coupons , some times I do, then I carry them round in my purse until they are out of date! I do aim to waste nothing, I use every last bit of everything to the extent of cutting open tubes, ointments, cosmetics, toothpaste etc there is always a couple of days worth left in those tubes. Always look in the sale items in the grocery store, amazing what you find in there. I got a big carton of salt the other day…….. salt can’t go bad. Living on an island in the Atlantic, so called fresh produce is eye watering costly, I say so called fresh because the trucks are often delayed by the ferry.Three red peppers over $8, cauliflower $7. So in the fall I stock up on catering sized packs of frozen veg’ and some fruit. This saves money plus, even if I am trapped in the house due to weather, you can cook something. I agree a good second hand car is a great saving.
    I will use a business that serves me with consideration and are truly helpful, I’ll take in the extra cost for good service. In my small community we have one of those shops that sell everything, it is information central for the whole community. The owner of this small business does not have the buying power of the supermarket. The supermarket is selling some things cheaper than our store owner can buy wholesale. I will support our local store, we want it to stay open. It is worth paying a little more to have that service and convenience locally. Same with our local garage, he will collect my car, put the winter tires on then bring it back to me…that is worth something to me. In fact he is good and cheaper than in town! Save where you can but great service is wonderful even if you have to pay a little more.

  2. roseinbloom Post author

    Rockflower, i agree with you totally and am glad to hear from you. I have one place that I go to for my auto issues and services. I need to stay local more than I do, so I will try to do more of it.

  3. lo1234

    I just read something recently, probably in the newspaper, I not sure, anyway the writer was saying that years ago, people would say to each other, I just bought this or that and it was $500.00, or $1000 or more. Now, that has changed and the same person will say, I bought this and it was only $100. It was such a bargain! How times have changed with the help of Amazon, Costco, TJMAXX etc. I much prefer to get a bargain.

  4. roseinbloom Post author

    Lo1234, That is a good point. More people are bargain shopping. I just googled Neiman Marcus and all kinds of bargains popped up on eBay and amazon. I love going to the ritsy stores to check out the fashion trends. I was surprised to see these sites selling very reasonable Neiman Marcus items.

    1. Tommy H

      The staff at the shoe shop I use once a month are getting used to me now. Every time I go in I forget my carry bags I keep in the car. When I get to the till to pay they say do you want a bag for your purchases. I usually say ” is it free “, they always say No it will cost 5 pence. I then advise them ” no way ” I will carry it as it is . Just gets embarrassing when they put it over the loud speaker : customer leaving two boxes , two pairs sock, NO BAG.

        1. Tommy H

          Another good way to save some money is too get the wife to have her bath first. One of these days Im going to stop falling asleep and catch her still in it. The other good thing about sharing the bath is its always just the right temperature never to hot never to cold just perfix

  5. amos

    My best find lately was to quit using paper towels…instead, I purchase the “shop towels” in the auto section…they are cheaper per roll, 10 times stronger (you can even wash, wring them out, and re-use them)…so what if they are blue, instead of white with daisies?

  6. roseinbloom Post author

    Amos, I appreciate this tip. It t sounds like a good tip for messy jobs around the house and I will get some right away but they may not be made according to the right standards for kitchen use.