What did we accomplish in 2017

Did I make the world a better place in 2017? I did little to feed the hungry, care for the sick or comfort the distressed. I do support those programs through the government and am happy to pay my taxes for those programs and I do vote for leaders who promise to support programs that do that.  I did make the world a better place for a few people. I did not do enough so I need to do better.

 Did I improve my strength and health? I have been working on it, but see little noticeable improvement, so I need to carry that over to 2018 and keep trying. Did I learn anything of significance? I did not learn to dance, play an instrument or read a book that made a difference in my life. Is there a book or something to be learned that would make a difference in my life? I may need to look for one that might. Could I write a book that would make a difference in the world? Could any of us do that? We could all try and maybe it would make a difference in our own life.

People did write blogs here and they did help me understand life better and understand myself better, so I hope they keep writing. I hope more people write blogs and add to what life is to them and ways to live and cope with many situations. I do know that many people have much more difficult situations than I do, and I do know that I am blessed in so many ways even though I may currently feel distressed  with my life and feel that the world is in a very unsafe and in a precarious  position.

I do feel lucky or blessed and grateful, but I do lack faith in the future or my capacity to make a real difference, but I will try. I hope I am ready to march, stand or speak for justice and equality in the coming year more than I did this past year. I can hope to do more things that make a better life and a better world. It seems harder every year to attack the coming year with hope, vigor and optimism.

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  1. starlette

    Hello Rose, well we may have accomplished things without thinking about it, a chat to a stranger could have brightened their day as well as our own, feeding the birds at this time of the year here in the UK helps them survive, I certainly keep the local charity shop going in unwanted clothes, helping to raise funds for the local Age Concern, and the people that buy get good bargains, I read books and learn from some of them, don’t really see that as an accomplishment, more a pleasure…..I vote when the time comes but feel I have accomplished nothing in that direction, but could well have made things worse, so I wont be changing the world anytime soon……..I do not set myself tasks and goals, had to do that when I was working, that’s what I got paid for, don’t want that pressure now………..I let life happen……if anyone needs help I will help where I can……….that’s about it really…..

  2. roseinbloom Post author

    Starlette, I am much like you so I understand you very well. I appreciate your comments and I feel they are honest and I did do a lot until the last few years. I have been trying to eat healthy and exercise enough to be healthy and maintain strength and hopeful tighten some sagging, flabby parts. I know that pushing myself to keep active is good for me so I am also selfish to some extent.

    1. Ms. K.

      Walker, congratulations on laying a floor. That’s a pretty big job. I’m impressed with your hoarder’s clean out. Really. I had a friend whose husband was a hoarder, and she waited for him to leave, then hired a team to clean out the basement. We were all surprised to discover their house had a new room.

      It sounds like you’ve taken stock of your life, and are taking steps to enjoy it more. Good on, you should. I think getting older doesn’t have to be a drear situation, leaving fun behind. Getting in shape can be fun, can’t it? I just read an article about walking/swimming/running -all those cardio things being so beneficial for our bodies.
      Stay warm and keep moving!

      1. roseinbloom Post author

        Ms. K. You sound wise. I am still hoping that exercise can be fun. I have been going three times a week since September and it still is not fun. I am bored and watch the clock. I do like my gym and the people and we have a nice lounging area with free coffee and tea. The people are very nice both the staff and the members so it is up to me to enjoy what is there. So far, I don’t. I do like going there but I don’t enjoy the workout and there is everything imaginable except a walking track. I have a mall to walk in before hours so I just need to enjoy it, but I still don’t.
        I am still hoping though.

        1. Ms. K.

          Hi Rose. I’m sorry that exercise hasn’t been fun, but i’m proud of you for continuing. Maybe listening to audio books or music on headphones? I wish I had that for swimming. It would make the laps fly.
          All the best, and if I don’t see you before, have a happy and safe New Year!

  3. TheWalker

    What did I accomplish in 2017?

    An interesting thing to look back on the year.

    I have walked more (hence the name) my fitbit tells me I am reaching 10000 steps to easily and has moved the goalposts to 12000. Most of the time I am reaching this but over Christmas it has taken a bit of a hit, with the general laziness combined with a cough that is just leaving me breathless.

    I have learned a new skill. I tried and successfully laid a wooden floor so will be attempting another in the new year. That was quite pleasing to me. I have also started to throw things out. as a hoarder this has been like turning the QE2 ( a large ship) but I have started. Going with whatever i buy etc into the house means twice as much (space wise) has to go is gradually working.

    I have gotten rid of those relationships and people in my life that were upsetting or wrong for me and stopped beating myself up about them.

    Lastly I started to take my pension early. while I am still working so now I have extra money to do the things I want to, Help out my son and daughter more and take more time away, next step working less days.

    So for 2018 I don’t have a lot of plans I would rather be a bit more spontaneous. I will try to cut down my sugar intake (once i’ve eaten my own body weight of the stuff over Christmas), drink more water and lose at least a stone over the year. Maybe we should have a monthly weigh in blog for all those with a target to lose weight – just a thought. Generally Id like to be happier, already making good strides in that direction.

    I hope you all have a good and prosperous 2018 and achieve what you want to.

    1. roseinbloom Post author

      Lonerogue. You are doing great. I need to think about bad relationshipsychological and may need to delete some.
      There is a health and fitness group and we could start sharing weight goals and progress
      If you start. I will join. Great ideas.

      1. LoneRogue

        I know from past reading that you are goal motivated unfortunately I am not. Always figured if I’m doing the best I can what would a goal do for me. My weight varies about 10 pounds over a year or two and I just judge by my belly whether I eat more r less. I think I have seen photos of you and it seems you have no weight problem unless you feel so.

        1. roseinbloom Post author

          Lonerogue, you have a goal and a way of tracking it and it works for you. Doing the best you can is a great goal, but I don’t know if you are tracking that. I decided that I need to be more self disciplined because I know the right way to live. Indulgences are my problem.
          I am at a healthy weight, but not my ideal weight for me.
          I just think that seniors can forget about goals and that can be bad. I know a lady who is learning to play an organ and I know a man that started with the guitar, but decided it was too diffucult.
          Trying new thing keeps life interesting and purposeful. Making the new year productive is better than doing nothing interesting. Some people have a list of things to do. That is good also. Any reason to make life interesting and exciting is good for us. We all need purpose.

  4. LoneRogue

    I didn’t add to the needs of this world. Because of frugal living I took care of myself and avoided the need for anyone helping me. I cared for wildlife by feeding them and by not adding to their suffering by hunting them. I released insects that had become entrapped in the house and returned earthworms, which were drying on my walkways, to the lawn.

    I was a burden to no one. In my younger days I worked hard to take care of my family and my employees and established a significant profit sharing plan which gave significant profit back to loyal workers.

  5. Ms. K.

    Hi Rose.
    The best thing I accomplished this year is deciding to do what makes me happy, instead of focusing on what makes everyone else happy. It came late, so it’s still in the budding stages, but already I feel better.

    You know the saying, “If the wife’s happy, then the house is, too?” My happiness makes me more patient and curious about life. Who knows where that will lead?

    I also finished my manuscript this week. I’ll reread it one last time, then send it off. Then, i’m going to sleep – a lot. Go to the gym before work. Catch up on housework. And, in a few weeks, dig out one of my children’s manuscript, and redo it with the new knowledge I’ve attained.

    But first, on the first nice Friday (when I don’t work), I’m going to find a way to the beach, sit on the sand, and thank God for His blessings.

  6. roseinbloom Post author

    Ms. K, I am glad you decided to do something to make yourself happy. Many women are totally dedicated to caring for others, but at some point children and others can do their share of taking care of themselves. I heard of women who spend hours and days making the usual Christmas for others to enjoy but none want to help. That is one example. The pattern continues all year long. Some women have don’t know anything but work and service and that is sad when they have so much more that they could be doing. You are right that a happy woman makes a happy home. The surfaces don’t have to gleam and everything does not have to be picture perfect to have people enjoy a home.
    Women need to sit down and laugh and talk or do some fun things even if they don’t have eve thing sparkling and a perfect dinner for 12 to 20 perfectly served which I did the first part of my life . I worked too much. I worked inside and outside the home.It has been a gradual process that I am not the only one responsible for al the work in the home and when I have visitors, I need to plan to have fun at the top of my list. I live in a city, thetre are many options for me and I choose them.
    Ms.K. Good luck with your book and you have already did something few have done and by so doing you are more capable in helping someone else with that.

  7. rose1943

    My promise to myself, for myself and for my loved ones is and has been to live in the present moment….to be grateful for whatever has been given to me by the Lord. I give and I receive. The good comes around in the simple proper way with no force. Nice blog, Roseinbllom. Thank you.