Feeling Foolish

Most of us like to think we have reached the age of a reasonable amount of wisdom and good sense at this time of life. So, the most horrible feeling I have felt in a very long time was Feeling very, very foolish. It does not matter if I needed to feel foolish or if you would not have felt foolish. I did feel feel foolish and it was a horrible feeling. What caused this?  Something that we all did in our younger days, probably at least once.

I went out to dinner and sort of got blindsided by being served a really huge margarita. It was served and I am wired to eat or drink what is served. Depression parents raised me that way.  I did nothing unusual except maybe talk a little more than my share, and wake up the next day feeling not too good, and with a horrible feeling that I had brought this on myself. I also had things to get done and just felt more foolish.

This feeling of foolishness lasted for hours but I fought it. I did some positive memes reading and was determined to rescue my day. I was feeling bad and looking bad so I made a beauty shop appointment. By that time I was looking and feeling better. I went about my day of errands and then back home. I was very happy to eat and drink only what I thought was good for me. I plan to do this from now on.

I recovered and I am resolved to stay reasonably sober for the rest of my life. THOUH, I wonder what other foolish thing I could do that would bring another episode of the horrors of feeling foolish upon me again.I hope there are none but they may crop up and catch me unawares. Just in case this happens, maybe you good people could help me by warning me of foolish things that you have done and been  caught unawares.

Let's all escape the horrors of feeling really foolish and warn each other.

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  1. starlette

    Feeling foolish is just a learning curve……… a reminder of how certain events made us feel so we can avoid them in the future……….but this put into another context can have a negative effect…… for instance………….if you have opened up and told another person how you feel towards them in perhaps a romantic sense, and it was laughed off or not reciprocated, then your going to feel pretty foolish, and this could well create a block in you showing your feelings towards someone in the future for fear of being laughed at…………or maybe if you ever got a question wrong in class and was laughed at by others, again you would feel foolish and probably wouldn’t risk answering anymore in case they were wrong………I think getting a bit tiddly wouldn’t make me feel foolish…….doing and saying daft things when tipsy is par for the course …..drink loosens the tongue…….blame the demon drink….lol………wasn’t your fault…

    1. len1932

      We all like to act foolish sometimes. I opened a Chat ” Things We Need Answers For” A lot of foolish sayings that we still say today. Like why do we say ” I am going to run to the store, when we drive the car??

      1. roseinbloom Post author

        Len1932, Maybe, that is why I felt foolish; I can be foolish enough without drinking. Language is older than the current situations. Like, when we went in a hurry, we would run, but now we don’t run and we just mean we are making a quick trip for one purpose only. Language is both Literal and figurative and therefore “we flip or lid” when we are boiling mad. We don’t really boil but we do get hot and stirred up. I love language and really admire the fine art of language usage.

        1. len1932

          I feel foolish at times and other times I give cars away. Gave each of my kids cars some two or more over the years, Also motor homes and TV trailers, Bought 2nd wife a new car and gave her daughter a new car and son in law a Mercedes a couple years old. Since I no longer drive I want to have plenty of cars in the family.

          1. roseinbloom Post author

            len1932, Sounds like a good plan you have there more of us would try it if we had a few extra cars around to give away. LOL

        2. len1932

          For us that live in a tree,
          We have to think in three,
          How to climb up and how to climb down.
          And how not to fall on the ground/

    2. len1932

      I see all the problems in the south about the Civil War and slavery and was wondering what I could do to help solve the problem? Some people do not like the Presidents pictures on the money bills if they were involved in slavery or Civil War. So I said do not throw them away. Send them to me and I will dispose of money bills MY WAY and take them off your hands.

        1. len1932

          History is history and we read about it in books. it cannot be changed but we can change things today that honored history . History statues that offends people today should be put in museums or out of the way. My ancestors were part American Indian and in 1835 President Jackson said they all had to go west, My ancestors got in trouble over that and I tell all about it in my website TipTopwebsite.com/len1932 that 32,000 viewers have seen.

          1. roseinbloom Post author

            History is not what happened it is only the written or spoken word of what happened and It can be corrected. I studied original documents in College and some of them have been edited over and over with several versions.

    3. len1932

      I feel foolish often and so got to thinking about the Tree Houses we built as a kid, I opened a group Tree Houses and posted my thoughts, Hope many Chatters will comment on their tree houses?

    4. len1932

      I was just thinking how foolish we sometimes get so I wrote this as a reminder.

      If a bird flies over you in the blue sky,
      And leaves his calling card on your hat,
      Be thankful it was not in your eye,
      Or on your hairless head leaving a big splat.

  2. roseinbloom Post author

    Thanks starlette, I have been reserved about expressing feelings, so I have not been offended that way. I answer questions and don’t worry about what others think. I just abhor getting silly due to alcohol. It is just me. One of the things that I don’t like to do. You did make me feel better though. Thank you.

  3. len1932

    I am 85 so as a man that means I am now 10 years old in second youth. I act silly and do not drink, as it comes naturally. Bought a 2006 Mercedes that I did not need as have a new Chev. Remember in 1960 buying a Mercedes in Germany and having it shipped to Greece where i was stationed with the Air Force. Had the 2006 Mercedes all checked over by the dealer and now what? I do not drive any more and have wife do the driving. So any one needing a Mercedes??

    1. len1932

      I gave the Mercedes to my son in law who lives with wifes daughter here on the farm. Now have given away over a dozen cars to relatives. this year a 2008 Chev Van , a 2006 Mercedes a 2013 Chev to 2nd wife, a 2014 to daughter in law. Have four cars in yard and a class B motorhome ,

      1. len1932

        I bought a new Chev for my youngest daughter and gave it to her, She moved to Tenn and said it was too small for her family. So traded it in on a new larger car. Then could not make the payments and lost everything. Then bought an older car with many troubles ever since.

  4. rose1943

    I am not a tea totaler, never have been. Family and friends, we all get together and have our drinks. We laugh, talk and have a great time. We are not ashamed of this. Has Prohibition returned? I think not. If and when someone ‘foolishly’ says something hurtful….two magic words…”I’M SORRY”…seems theses two words are the easiest to say but people feel too humiliated and vulnerable to say them.

      1. roseinbloom Post author

        len1932, You ask a good question, but sharing a drink, even if it is not alcoholic, seems to keep the mouth and tongue moist for talking if nothing else. Some people enjoy an alcoholic beverage to relax and socialize. Public places have to make money to provide a place to meet. Invitations and distractions are not a problem so meeting at the local pubs is fun and convenient. Coffee houses are common in some countries or tearooms. They are not as much fun, though.

        1. len1932

          Roseinbloom, As a widower at age 80 I married my sister in law age 70. Her husband died at age 64 and she would take him to the bar each night and then pick him up drunk and take him home and put him in bed. What a life???
          When I married her I said no drinking in my house as she also drank some. so we agreed. Now she has been having smoking and drinking medical problems and seeing a doctor often. She wishes she had quit them long ago but we have to live with our decisions.

    1. rose1943

      I don’t think most people need to drink to become friendly. “Judge not lest ye be judged”…..too many judgemental people on this website.
      Roseinbloom, let your hair down once in a while and don’t take to heart every comment made on here.

  5. roseinbloom Post author

    rose1943, I like your sensible and fun loving and accepting attitude. I agree that when we make a mistake, it should be easy enough to just say I am sorry. I just get silly and talk too much when I drink and never say mean things. I need to drink some when socializing because I am not comfortable in a group and tend to be too serious. I am trying to see humor in things and am getting better.
    Maybe it is just part of drinking to feel foolish or stupid the next day.

    1. len1932

      Rose, I have never drank a beer so I have to be myself with people. Have been a wholesale fishing tackle salesman for my own company since 1972. I soon learned we had to sell ourselves to customers before they would feel comfortable buying anything. Now at my age I ship the products to the stores as do not drive anymore. They will not let me retire but still make for them, rigs of all kinds and spreaders. Hands holding up pretty goo as wash the dishes by hand with really hot water.

  6. Ms. K.

    Oh Rose, don’t be so hard on yourself. If you’re worried what people thought about you, forget it. If they’re backbiters, you shouldn’t listen to them. If they’re friends, they though you were cute and fun, and hoped you had a good time.
    It was a ripple in a tea cup moment -and the next day, feeling poorly was unfortunate, but you rescued the day and made yourself feel better, right?

    1. roseinbloom Post author

      Thank you M’s K. It should have been no big deal. I am not sure why I felt so awful but I did rescue the day and felt good about the way I handled that.

  7. len1932

    As seniors we have a pretty good judgement of our friends and new ones we meet? We also know what will makes them happy or mad? Remember even in WW2 our enemies have become our best of friends.

    1. roseinbloom Post author

      Len1932. I am that smart as a senior so maybe that is what concerns me. I had a drink and went along, but then I may have just appeared silly. I do think the people I was with are good people.
      There is a group on this site. My most embarrassing moment. Do they think I would ever tell? Would they? I read one that happened to be an embarrassing moment for someone else and another was a little stunt that many of us have done at least once, walked into the wrong gender washroom.
      You don’t seem to outgrow all foolishness, I guess.

        1. Ms. K.

          We all have our moments! *chuckle*
          A few years ago, I was invited by a much younger friend to her birthday party at a nightclub. Well, all dressed up and ready to dance, I got lost. After an hour of frantically driving in scary Philly neighborhoods, I finally found a street that seemed familiar. I had to take it to the end before I found my way home.
          Did I feel stupid? You betcha!

  8. len1932

    I have had people tell me i am stupid buying cars and giving them away to family members. Over a dozen with several this year.

  9. len1932

    With 1/2 acre garden we give away up to 2 ton of vegs, with our beef herd we give away 1,000 lbs of meat, with the chickens we give 200 dozen eggs away to our friends at church and others in need. Then with the cars to relatives, I cannot give things away fast enough. The Lord just keeps blessing us with good health and a long life serving him.

  10. len1932

    If we can be silly on a regular basis and laugh at ourselves then we will stay young at heart. I sleep 8 hours a night and take two naps morning and afternoon trying to keep my mind and body in shape. My small dog knows me well as we sleep together. She wakes me at 6:30 AM to go out in the garden and water the vegs. Then after our breakfast she tells me it is time to go on the chat. but if it gets to be 10AM she is right there nugging me to take our morning nap. Same in afternoon and she tells me when it is 10PM to go to bed. My dog has a built in alarm clock so I never have to use one.