Best Birthday Wish

I just heard of a rather original and kind birthday wish and it started me thinking. What was the best birthday wish that you received or that you would want to receive. Winning the Lottery may be the top of the list, but not very likely, but that is okay. I would be happy to win the Lottery myself.

Back to the birthday wish that started me thinking, which was " I will send you one of my spare boyfriends". That could be a very kind offer to a lonely friend between relationships and very original. I was thinking of creative ideas for birthdays. When people say, "What do you get for the person who has everything?", I always think there is something that could be done or some situation created for them. I usually come up with something.

Maybe we could share some ideas and people would have more ideas instead of a blouse or a tie. In any event, a gift is better than no gift since it is the thought that counts. I know I have a friend that would say her mother was never pleased and there are those people, but so far I have not had them on my list of people to receive a gift. So, what was your best birthday gift received or given?

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  1. Rockflower

    Well I suspect we should all like a lotto win, yes it would make my life more comfortable. However what I would really enjoy about it would be giving it away. So often I learn about some charity doing great work, or a good cause I really care about and I should so like to send them a fat donation, anonymous because not least, I would not want them chasing me for ever more. You hear of a family in trouble and again it would be nice to help. I should like to buy new chairs for my local community centre, so locals could sit for an hour without fearing that their behinds were for paralyzed evermore. In short I’d like to be a fairy grandmother LOL. If it were just for me…I’d like a new pair of feet! I’d like to be able to fund medical research on those nasty medical conditions that because mercifully they are quite rare…. but do not attract research by the big companies because any treatment would not have a mega customer base to buy the new product.

  2. roseinbloom Post author

    Rockflower. To have more money to have more to give, makes you a very nice person. Since you do care, maybe you could seek donations or have a fundraiser. Your feet may limit you but it is an idea.
    Many churches have sales of unused items, book sales and plant sales. I am not suggesting that you do this, I am just thinking you may not have thought of it. I would not be good at this and it takes a talent and everybody is not capable of it.
    I should be ashamed to wish to win the lottery since I already have more than I need, but in my wildest dreams, I would like to be very rich for a while.

    1. vonMichael

      Dear Rose,

      to be very rich for a while no that’s no good idea I think. Say for 4month or the 1/4 of
      the year, NO. Think of the consequences of being in the same stauts you’re in now.

      1. roseinbloom Post author

        vonMichael. You are right, I would not want to be very rich for a short while. I want it to be permanent. The consequences of being in my financial situation is a lot of jealous spiteful relatives. If I were richer, I would have more choices. I think I could make good ones, and I could help more people that I care about.

  3. Rockflower

    Not too nice a person Rose because I want to pick and choose LOL!
    I do all the other things is a small way, less now because I just don’t have the same energy, I have to pace myself. Like most people my age I’m constantly giving away stuff, trying to simplify my life but I swear my stuff breeds in the dark! out buildings, spare rooms don’t seem to get any emptier.

  4. roseinbloom Post author

    Rockflower, you can be picky, that is why we retired. I have the same problem. Everything I buy, I am starting to think, I have to find a place to put it and that I have to try to remember where I put it. I still buy. So, as long as we buy, we have to store. I try to be serious about sorting out and not buying more. I make little progress.

  5. len1932

    I want to thank the Lord for giving me the opportunity to give and share with others in our area. Most years from the farm we give up to 2 ton of vegetables. a 1,000 lbs of beef and several hundred dozens of brown eggs. to church members in four churches,. friends and neighbors. I also give hundreds of light/pens with the message “The Lord Is My Light And Salvation” on them. I write a weekly newspaper column that goes world 230 countries. Lens Lines –A Little Religion On A Positive Note by Len Granger I have found you can never give things away fast enough and share the blessings from the Lord.