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 TIN CAN BAY … Here We Come !!

The time has come ! The countdown has began ! What started as an idea more than one year ago is becoming a reality …our first Aussie chatters meet up is just a couple of days away ! We started planning long ago and hoped more Chatters would have been able to join , unfortunately […]

 To Walk The Line …

Are you feeling boxed in …lately ? I am ! There are so many groups on here ,it seems that we can’t say or post anything unless we categorize it first and then post it into it’s appropriate group ! Too many rules and restrictions makes me feel trapped ,caged , in need to break […]

 Cheer Them Home !

I think it’s ridiculous that we are not allowed to publicly comment on the competition leaderboard ! I personally have great admiration for the five women who are at the top of the leaderboard , they have always given their all to make this site what it is today ,an incredibly fabulous place ! All […]

 Friendship Requests …What’s the Etiquette ?

Friendship requests ….what’s the etiquette ? Sometimes I receive friendship requests …mostly from new members . I know that new members are encouraged to start networking straight away to make the most of their free period on the site , I also know that we ,as seasoned long timers are expected to be welcoming and […]

 Of Being Sexual ,Sensuous and Human …

In a previous blog we were / still are ,discussing “love… and what love is “…a couple of questions came out of that discussion that we could perhaps talk more about . 1- is sex love ? 2- how different is love in our senior years ? Some people think that in a romantic relationship […]

 Love is a Powerful Seed …

Love is such a powerful seed … That keeps on growing to become a sea . It envelops you right down into the deep Then it spins you up and up in ecstasy. Love makes you want to kiss . The ones in your life …you love to bits And when you touch your skin […]

 Ghosts from the Past

I know the days keep on passing I’m still marooned in the past You were my food and my water My shelter was within your heart Alone on this deserted island. My dreams washed away by the tide My heart’s unyielding desire Stoically waiting for rescue to arrive All hope of being rescued is fading […]

 St.Valentine ….a bit of history .

LIFE FOOD From St. Valentine to the Valentines Day massacre Thursday, February 13, 2014 2:21:58 MST PM February has long been celebrated as the month of romance, and that St. Valentine‚Äôs Day, or Feast of Saint Valentine as we know it today, contains leftovers of both Christian and ancient Roman tradition infused with modern day […]