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 I Did It My Way!

Thought I might let my gremlin out again! Haven’t written a blog for a long time,so I am not sure  what I have to do after reading all on the home page but here goes… Our lives take many turns on the way ,reminds me of an old river fresh and strong up in the […]

 Let go Fly .

I have posted this long time ago ,but thought I would do it again and wish you all a merry Christmas,and happy new year.Maybe your dreams will come mac xxxx Lets go fly i sit and think and feel the dream and see the sky so far away. I wonder what its like to […]

 Friendship requests on here!

Thank you to all the people that send me friendship requests,don’t be offended as I am not accepting any now.I consider we are all friends and happy to chat to you all.It’s just that at one time I had at lest Sixty friends but would go for ages and never one would say hello.I decided […]

 The footings of senior chatters.

I joined senior chatters about five years ago not knowing anything about the Internet.This site was the first one I seen and I entered a world of wonder,excitement and lots of new experiences.I spent a lot of time finding my way around the site,meeting new people,learning new experiences.The thing I found the best was the […]

 My very interesting boring blog!

Its very hard to write interesting blogs that interest everyone . I have been trying to think of some topics to write about ,but the grey matter didn’t oblige today,think it’s lost somewhere in the corner of my head,saying “Not coming out to work today,you do it yourself” Ok “I will then, I don’t need […]

 Where are you on your path of life.

The Path of Life Wrote this when I first started writing on here .reread it today thought I would repost it,as some of you might like to think about it. One day as I walked along the corridors of this chatters site I came to a cold and windy area,…My mind started thinking over my […]

 a few good men

A few good men was a good movie I enjoyed it and felt it had a message for all. I was reminded of this movie the other day when I went into the chat room . I was greeted with the usual “hi how are you” It wasn’t long before I realised that everything was […]