Friendship requests on here!

Thank you to all the people that send me friendship requests,don't be offended as I am not accepting any now.I consider we are all friends and happy to chat to you all.It's just that at one time I had at lest Sixty friends but would go for ages and never one would say hello.I decided to delete them all just chat to people in room.Rob has changed the site now so its possible to chat or send message to anyone if the need arises. Love Macathy

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  1. grandmaj

    I know what you are saying Mac, until recently I didnt have one on my list. But started to feel bad that I didnt accept, I didnt want to offend people. But same as you before it makes no difference really anyone can private chat anyway.

  2. cefnrider

    i can understand 2dog not having friends lololololol but as its mothers day and be nice to ladies i will say this once and only once. I AGREE WITH MAC.