My very interesting boring blog!

Its very hard to write interesting blogs that interest everyone .
I have been trying to think of some topics to write about ,but the grey matter didn't oblige today,think it's lost somewhere in the corner of my head,saying
"Not coming out to work today,you do it yourself"
Ok "I will then, I don't need a bit of grey mess that sits there inside that hard bone,I can do it,just you watch".
"Oh yes I'll watch,already the boss at the bottom of the page is saying
" Blog too short minimum 300 words lol"
"I will do it be quite and let me think "
Trouble with you brain is you just think too much .dont give me a chance at all.
No wonder I get so muddled up when I try alone!
One needs time to think and to get ones thoughts straight you know,
Are you listening to me? You can at least have the decency to say yes!
"Yes" but that won't be enough she will be going on more yet,just you watch and see.
Brain "you know your trouble don't you"?
"No what's my trouble "
"Well you think without your input I can do nothing don't you"?
But I do lots without you.
"Oh are you sure of that"
" Of course I am sure ,I get up in the morning without your assistance it's automatic thing don't call you and say "Hey brain time to get up out of bed ,I just get up"
Mmmm wonder how she worked that out but I'll just let her go on for awhile,
There are lots of things I do without you ,but I have to get this blog written now so enough.

I Is interesting the idea I am looking for ?
N Nestled away somewhere behind the door!
T Thinking why I can't see it today
E Every time I look I think "what is it I came here for".
R Reality hits at times and brings one back to where we are!
E Especially when life seems much harder now!
S Slowly watching as each day lends to night
T Trying to do the things that once were so right!
I Impossible some but they seemed so important before,
N Now as I look ,I decide what the hell,
G Give it a miss,try again another day.

T Through out the gin
H Have a vodka instead
I Into it guys lets party away!
N Nothing to worry about
G Great night ahead
S Softly and quietly watch out for me head !

There now brain I did it see without your help.
"Are you sure"
"Of course I am sure go back to sleep ok"

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  1. macathy Post author

    Thanks Tanya, maybe together and the help of all the others,that have been keeping it going we can liven this blog section up!let us all try!

  2. vonMichael

    Whom do you thing this blog is boring? No, it is absolutely perfect for the first time you did it. And it’s ok you started it today, better now than never.

  3. shadow

    Great blog Mac . It’s good to see you blogging again and yes, this blog section could be on the road again let’s see shall we? I have not woken up yet otherwise i am sure i could tell you some more about what my brain tells me how clever it is, not that i listen to it, anyway you seem to have covered most of it’s boasting lol. Now the mind is another story or are they both the same thing?, heck if i know the answer to that :D. I really must wake up mmmmmm! what to do? I will let you know another day hope you can wait Mac? lol xx

  4. lani36

    Loved this one Macca ,least someone understands when wont go into second gear, fear my clutch is wearing out as well. hahahahha…..