Life in my garden now

It’s been a very long time since I last wrote a blog.  Let’s see if the old grey matter is still working.

My life has gone through a big change, now confined to bed.  I remember the times when I used to think

“oh to just stay in bed for a day would be heaven”.

It’s not what I thought it would be like at all.  One goes through a time of frustration at oneself that it’s happened, spend time talking to yourself.  Yes, I do answer myself back too, telling myself

“What an idiot I am, these things happen to lots of people, why shouldn’t it happen to you,  You’re no better than the next person, get on with life, live the best you can in the circumstances you are in. Work on the things you can do not the ones you can’t.”

I have learned to make lots of things using youtube, the kids often say

“Oh no what she going to do now, we have no room for more of her decorations”

They seem to come around in the end, as I need help with lots of it as my hand doesn’t work too well now either.

The main thing I have learned is that I can still give the kids the same love I always did just from my bed.  I learned to remember that kids love is just the same as before, as long as I still help them, be there for them, listen to what they have to say. 

Thankfully only one young one at school now, others are working.  My daughter and I have worked together for a long time, now she’s looking after me she says, thanks to her I can stay at home, be still here to help in what I can.  Life doesn’t always give you roses that smell nice, they often have thorns as well.

It’s our job to work around the thorns and make the best display of them we can.  Like a garden it takes time and effort to get the best display,  I am working on mine still.

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  1. Dear Mac, I have known you for a long long time now, you are one of the nicest people I have met. Never a bad word about anyone , just lovely, always been nice to me. You are now just getting on with things with your situation, and dont complain. You are such an important part of your grandchildrens lives. You are so loved. I want to take this opportunity. to thank you for the years of friendship and lovely chats , and wish you well xxx

  2. Well, what a joy – here is somebody who is able to set out her story to a person like me – a stranger, and not seeking pity for herself and the predicament that life has presented her.

    I note that this is her first post, and let me say that I hope it is not her last -how about maybe a weekly blog? It would certainly maintain the old grey matter and would be an inspiration to other
    Chatters who maybe will be inspired to respond and share their outlook be it happy or sad.

  3. Drummer if you go to Macs profile you will see Mac has written many many blogs. Worthwhile having a read, very good blogs over the years, 🙂

  4. Hi mac. Sorry to hear that you’re confined to bed. Glad that your family is there for support. I always say, Family First.
    I think that your grey matter is still as sharp as your first blogs, which I sometimes go back and read.
    Looking forward to the next one.

  5. Dear Mac, So sorry to hear you are confined to bed . Glad your daughter is there for you as family is so important to have in your life when we might need care . I agree with what GrandmaJ. Drummer, & David said and hope you will write more blogs as I for one will read them . I wish you well Mac.

  6. Thank you Gran,Drummer,David and Annemarie for the kind words.I have always found yiu all very nice people in here thanks for your support xxxx

  7. Dear Mac I am so sorry to hear that you are now confined to your bed. I remember our chats and the fun times we had in the early days on SC. You are loved by many, and it is so wonderful to see you blogging again. I am so glad you have your lovely daughter to care for you and to keep you at home. God bless you Mac. Take care xoxo

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