Macathy’s amazing wonderful thoughts.

Macathy's amazing wonderful thoughts.

This blog must be written by me,ok I can do that .

K Kathy's blog will be an inspiration to all
A Airing my views for you all.
T Thinking that now all I need is Content.
H Holding your attention for a moment.
Y Yes not as easy as it seems to me.
S So I'll just let it be.

Was going to write about the wonderful world of our young ones.
I have a little eight year old grand daughter,who just loves to get outside go exploring.Yes she dresses in her overalls,gets her back pack on ,puts on her imagination,hat and off she travels into that world of hers in the back yard.
She spends hours at a time I often sit and watch her.She looks at everything so intently,the ants fascinate her for ages,I asked her what she sees in them,she said "Oh I just watch them move nan,see what they find to take home"
Yesterday she found a dead bird she was telling me,but before I could say "don't touch it "she said"I didn't touch it nan I just broke up all these old sticks and covered it up,made a grave for the poor little thing"
She even finds fossils lolo well she thinks they are, has a few very good ones she has washed and cleaned and put them on her windowsill ,along with her other many treasures she has found at the beach.
This world is a fascinating place really ,and at times I forget to look.Having Franny here,she teaches me that the little things are important in life. We need to still have the child within us alive I think.Let them out look around us have some fun just like a child.

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  1. PollyPie

    Wonderful blog macathy. I sat here for a few moments trying to put an eight years mind in my head, but found it quite impossible. My mind is not innocent anymore, and I see logic instead of rainbows. However, I not going to give up trying.
    Thanks for making me think of wonderful thoughts.

    1. macathy Post author

      You are welcome pollie,never give up I am sure there is that lovely young kid still inside you lol thanks for reading it .

  2. grandmaj

    This is a great blog Mac I loved it. That grandchild of yours is a great kid by the sounds of it. Outside enjoying nature and not inside on the computer, like us haha But we are old and deserve it after all these years haha But you know what I am trying to say Mac. xxx

  3. lani36

    I do agree Mac, fantasies ,dreaming and seeing with our eyes wide open is a treasure that children have that adults could well emulate…
    I hope I can always find that child withing …..
    Thanks for a wonderful blog, and god blesss your little Grandaughter Frannie xxxx.

    1. tania

      A lovely blog mac, and I think the young children do teach us so much as well as us teaching them. I can just recall days on the beach with all the family. my youngest brother filling a pail with the best beach stones and then crying when he dropped the pail and they all fell out…oh, happy memories

  4. roseinbloom

    Great blog, Kathy. I like your clever intro. Blog brings back memories of me when I was about eigtht; loved to watch ants. At school I got books about ants and was totally fascinated. Studied them again and again and then in the University. I also had a whole series of books about animals . I have no pets but was fascinated with the world around me and still am.
    Maybe, your grand would like to color or paint or have an ant farm. Education begins at home with real life experience. Do I sound like a teacher. I was and a guidance counselor. Young ones are special and know how to really see and also remind us of our youth.

    1. macathy Post author

      Yes bloom son had any farms he loved them .i am so lucky having my youngs ones live with me I think,they are a great joy to me.thanks for your comments .

  5. passaggio

    Lovely Blog Mac! Keeping that child alive in us is a wonderful way to live our lives, I think. Thank you for the thoughts, and smiles. 🙂

    1. macathy Post author

      Thank you Passy as well for yours,”never want to grow up “my daughter once told me,”not even old enough to go to school “lol

  6. PamfromTX

    Mac, what a lovely blog; I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Please continue to update us all on this adorable grandchild. She sounds wonderfully intrigued with her surroundings and especially, her grandmother. xxx

  7. actongal

    Mac, Totally enjoyed your blog. If we all could spend sometime looking at the world through the eyes of a child we would be much happier and enjoy every minute. Watching our grandchildren discovering the wonders of nature and the world around them, is truly a blessing. Thanks again,

  8. starlette

    Well my grandson is 22, and I saw the world anew through his eyes when he was a child………I am now seeing parts of the world I have never seen, again through his eyes, writings and pics as he travels through other countries……xx

  9. cinta

    Mac , your blogs reminded me when I was a kid. We had an outside toilet and I would stay in there for hours watching the ants moving in and carrying stuff. When the met one another, I wondered what were they saying to one another, was it hello or what they found or where the food was. Thanks Mac for the wondeerful blog and bringing back my childhood memories. Cheers xxx