Let go Fly .

I have posted this long time ago ,but thought I would do it again and wish you all a merry Christmas,and happy new year.Maybe your dreams will come true.love mac xxxx

Lets go fly
i sit
and think
and feel the dream
and see the sky so far away.
I wonder what its like to fly, way up high
above the earth, into the clouds, beside the birds,
Feel the wind, brush me by, and sour so high, that I could die.
The wonderful joy that fills me now, that feeling of weightlessness.
as I sour, into the clouds, and out again, flap my wings and sing with joy.
I love this feeling, like nothing matters, I’ll hide in here among the clouds
flying around is oh so grand, see the sky, and feel the joy thats here in side .
Freedom is here in dreams we have, we can be just about anything.
Today a bird, tomorrow a train doesn't matter its just a dream.
important thing is know its so, dream away as now you can
Life has its way to bring you down and back again.
So feel your dream fly away into the cloud
Out again beside the birds oh so high
Fly oh fly soar and soar, until
it’s time to end this dream
then back you come
and it is here now
to wonder
what it is.
That life!

is oh
a dream
we have to live.
the dream of a life
To wake up here and know,
that we are loved and cherished,
No matter how things go right or wrong.
For love goes beyond those things we know,
love is believing and trusting in each other. Be there
Hold your head up high my love, for I know you’re here and love me so.
Live the life thats yours to live, be yourself and feel the love, enjoy it freely, and give.
Together this love will go on and on to give and take with good times and bad
Be true to yourself is what is needed and then to others, it will flow.
Life is a dream that we act upon,share it with others
Turning the pages day by day,writing our book.
Dreams do come true so follow them through
Allow yourself to fly high,feel the breeze
enjoy your life as it was meant
Let yourself go be free
take a chance or two
Be happy
Love ,

kathy Coughlin 2013.

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