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I joined senior chatters about five years ago not knowing anything about the Internet.This site was the first one I seen and I entered a world of wonder,excitement and lots of new experiences.I spent a lot of time finding my way around the site,meeting new people,learning new experiences.The thing I found the best was the monitors who were there to guide you ,help you if you needed it ,and to be a friendly face to us all,but most of all to keep us all safe .
Monitors have come and gone,mostly quietly.they just fade out of the room and not come in as much.There are some that have had their leavings and comings back a few times. But in the end they leave too.I have never really thought about how they become a monitor or why they leave,it happens behind the scenes.I do often wonder why they are not here any more,but never find out.I am sure some people are glad to see some go,others are very sad to see them go,that's the way of it ,we don't all like the same people,so it's hard to please all.
Here in this blog I just want to say thanks to Patrica and Mez for all the hard work you have put into this site to make it what it is today.I hope that you will still be around the site to chat to,not like others just fade away.thanks again Patricia and Mez.

M Monitors are people too you know
O Offering you help when you find your lost.
N Noteing the ones that should not be about
I. into the room you will see them come run,
T. To assist the young chatter to find his way out.
O. Oh is the word from the chatters anew
R. Right he is gone ,now on with the chat.

Love Mac xxxxxxx

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  1. foreveryoung2

    Hi Mac I just posted a comment on the Home page about missing the oldies – we had so much fun in chat back then on the old site and I really miss it, but I don’t go into Chat now. I often wonder where the oldies are now. I know I too have been away from SC for a period of time for personal reasons, but I don’t think I would ever leave SC as I have made some new friends as well since returning. Good to catch up with you again. Take care. Love fy2 xoxo

    1. macathy Post author

      Good to see you back forever young hope you are keeping well.Yes lots of the oldies have left,hope to enjoy themselves in greener fields.xxxxxxx

  2. lani36

    Hi Mac , I have to agree with everything you have written , a special place, warm hearts in the main,friends old and new to meet and greet…..
    And as you say , thank you to all who have helped to make transitions from Newbies to Chatters,,, a journey worth while taking … xx

  3. roseinbloom

    People come and go for many reasons. Some choose to come or go and others have no choice, I am always concerned for the people who get no choice.

  4. morvenna

    Hear hear!……yes,I too get sad when people go..for whatever reason…but I still love it here.When I was advised to stay off the computer until my eye prob was getting dealt with it seemed like an eternity before I could get back ‘home’….and I so appreciate the monitors that we have.Before I came here 5 years ago I tried several sites yes free admittedly…..but decided to settle here because we have monitors….no site hopping for me….

    XXXX. M

  5. annemarie

    Cathy, I joined Senior Chatters before Rob changed the site and that is when a lot of the members left and never came over to the new Senior Chatters. I love Senior Chatters and the friends I have made on hear and am so glad I joined back in I think 2009 whenever year it was that Rob changed to the new S.C. we have today. I had only been on the old S,C, site a short time before he redid every thing to the way it is today. 🙂

  6. sylvestercat

    Hi Mac,I agree it is a nice place to spend some idle time chatting and getting to know people,all the A s i`ve had in the room are considerate and patient people as I`m sure previous ones have been also.

  7. roseinbloom

    Change vs stability. Somebody does not weigh this with gravitas. Guess who. Some changes had to be made to please google. Some changes have to be made for technical reasons. Changes that seem unfair to people that we care about a great deal are the hardest to take and those changes need to be taken very seriously.

  8. Faye

    I totally agree with you Rose. Over the years a lot of changes have been made and a lot more will be made in the future, in all walks of life. All are done with dignity and serious consideration for the well being of us all. Some won’t agree due to not knowing the complete reason for changes and they are the ones with a one sided view of things and nothing will change their minds, but where would any of us be if we all agreed on everything.

    1. Faye

      In that case Rose I guess you are covered by the other statement..” Some won’t agree due to not knowing the complete reason for changes “

        1. Berta

          Absolutely….I am not foolish enough to assume I know all the reasons things happen in here or the world, but I do know in this case for whatever reason, it was handled very badly

  9. cefnrider

    Mac, I rarely use the site anymore as i was never made very welcome by certain members but i accept but i accept sites change whether i like it or not, but to presume its always for the better can quite often be wrong because of the reasons for the changes.
    Nobody likes everyone so having extra rooms like before was an asset in allowing small groups to escape to without upsetting others, and, without the need to start rooms for certain members only which in my opinion is confrontational and has no reason for in a chat site; Lastly Mac enjoy the site and dont stop using it because of others

  10. keeper of dreams

    As a relative newcomer I read your blog with interest but of course a lot of what you said is all new to me.However having also only a relatively recent “love” for forums and what they offer, it has totally changed my otherways rather mundane life.
    I thank all those behind the scenes who keep the site clean and free from outsiders,whom take utmost care of us,whom are there to offer help at any given time………..whilst I have nothing but praise for all the new friendships and cameradrie I find on here……… is such a pleasure being a small part of it.
    I trust you stay happy Mac……….and I can only add the immortal words to yours ……..amen.

  11. msscooter

    I have to admit I am one of those (old) members that havent been in chatters for a good while…I joined over 5 years ago when I lost my job and had too much free time on my hands…I have made some great friends over the years and even sometimes when we lose touch for awhile we always manage to find our way back…I am excited to be back and hope to reconnect with some (old) friends and make some new ones….If you see me online please say hello and if we havent met yet and you think you might want to be friends send a friendship request….