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 at least do no harm.

Dalai lama once made a statement, ”if you cant help others, at least don’t hurt them”. I did something a couple of days ago–writing a blog–which opened up a huge can of worms, and hurt the exact person I was trying to assist. it was a blog that was a selfish exercise of my own […]

 a continued demonstration of overthinking….

this has been an interesting week–and one that im not finished processing–with relation to news and events here in the senior chat world. ive heard the same short phrases from many over the past few days. and I’ve heard another person say, “this is how it always happens every time.” specifically im processing one of […]

 she’s a mental case

During this past week, dynamics here have been questioned as ”how can this make you feel bad, as its only a chat room”. However upon review, some things do make me feel bad. I feel bad when my friends are made fun of, and criticized in their absence. I want to defend them. I feel […]

 in gratitude

Its been nearly six months now since I wandered onto this site, having found it during a little family trip late last summer. Ive appreciated it. Ive been frustrated with it. Ive been angry with it, and I’ve loved it. I found this site following a two year episode of isolation, post traumatic stress, confusion […]

 the cool spot …..

Last evening I went into a familiar place and found something interesting. A spot that was once described as being friendly, safe, and welcoming had been segregated into a separate location described as being for the “really cool people.”. naturally, not being cool, myself, I chose not to explore. And, upon review….. it does occur […]

 rainbows and unicorns II

There is a tendency we sometimes have to want to protect each other, as well as avoid discomfort ourselves. When we had young children we controlled their environment so as not to disturb their view of the world. We manage conversation at the holiday dinner table to avoid conflict amidst relatives that we possibly see […]

 sounds on sunday

We all have days we wish we could erase, and likewise days we wish we could duplicate. Some days make us feel like we have been swallowed up and digested by some lukewarm, milk toast beast, or worse. Other days we feel content, happy, even laughing so hard our stomach hurt. All things being equal, […]

 rainbows and unicorns

I wrote a blog yesterday that was deleted. It was an interesting lesson. We talk about supporting each other and being honest, yet ultimately its all about rainbows and unicorns. And I’m fine with that. I can blow sunshine up skirts among the best! And I plan to be a committed member of that club […]

 recommitment number 52!!

I was thrown into the task of making determinations about people at a young age. At first, I lacked confidence, but grew in my reason and logic. I made judgment calls that were likely far beyond my level of experience, but eventually I grew comfortable in this role. As I gained experience and years, its […]