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 Computer Logic LOL

I have a google chrome notebook made by Samsung. It has NO delete button. Right NO delete button. How do I delete? With the backspace or not at all. How crazy is that? It Has two forward slash locations. Does this make any sense? It doesn’t to me. I finally found a sign out option […]

 A romance concern

I have blogged about my senior dating. I have a dating issue and need help. I have been dating a very unpredictable man. He won’t make plans. I know I can leave but I don’t choose to do that yet. We have a lot of fun when we do see each other. I don’t want […]

 Fate Confused

I do live with the quotation of Henry David Thoreau, “I do not want to come to die and learn that I have not lived”. I may just be ready to get some overdue rest. I am dating and as someone said that takes over everything. I also bought another car, went through title transfer […]

 Last Tango

I wrote a blog about me and my dating because we seniors lack information. We have few, almost none, movies or TV with people of our age. Well I saw a Brittish sitcom last night, ‘Last Tango In Halifax”, and it is worth watching. Maybe some of us will write our own stories, plays or […]

 Enjoy the Day

Let us all be bound and determined to enjoy the day. It takes a firm decision and a fierce fight over defeating pains and fears. No BUTS about it. It is our only good choice. Plan to do anything that will make you happier today.

 Politics, action not talk

I called my three congressman today. I need to do that more often. If a fight can be avoided, I am for that. I called and I need to call more often. We all do. I am told they really do consider these calls of how their constituents feel. All of us need to be […]

 No Meanness

I had a miserable cold last night and had not had one for years, and forgot to take aspirin along with cold meds and was in the chat room trying to be distracted. Well, I now wake up and hope that two of my favorite women were not offended and hope they are as, I […]

 Second Chances

I am all for second chances or more. I want as many chances as I need and so do most people, as long as no real harm is done. In a chat room, what real harm can come to us? Some people with the worst chat skills may only need a lot of help. Think […]

 Romance and Helen Trent

Romance after you are a senior: what is it? Do any of you remember Helen Trent, the Soap Opera, that began with the question, “Can she find love and happiness after 35?” Well I listened to that when I was very young because my mother had it on the radio. I always thought, WHY ask, […]

 Seventy Silly Sage

I am struggling with making judicious decisions about wise spending on home renovations and to embark on a dating adventure. I dream of my new kitchen and my guts are wrenching over the spending. I have met a Mr. Charming and the butterflies are swarming in the stomach in greater numbers than when I was […]