Positives of Older Age

THERE ARE Some positives to being older and we need a good long, long list. I hope to start it. Nothing is as serious as it was. Instant gratification is a good thing now because the moment is probably the best one so make the most of it. If you are now a senior, all your obligations are probably met and you are free to do as you like. If you are single and a senior, you can focus on fun things only and most people will think any relationship is very innocent and harmless. There is medicare in US, and senior discounts of various kinds. These come to mind and I know there are others; I am hoping there are a lot of others, so please add them to this list. Hoping for a LOT of others.

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  1. morvenna

    So many positives…..I love being at this stage….
    Free prescriptions
    Laughing at stuff I used to stress about.
    No fear of pregnancy (um…well yes its a positive!) lol
    Helping with grandchildren
    Behaving like my grandchildren lol
    There’s a start xxxxxxx M

  2. padraig1

    let me see
    1 Dont considder myself old
    2 i Obey everything she says mmm
    3 am a better singer than she thinks
    4 am allowed to go to the pub even though i dont drink whenever she says I can
    5 free bus travel though i now have another car after me wife was diagnosed with her condition doctor advised me
    6 Ladies now hug and kiss me while on stage singing lolol
    7 mmmm think i’ll stop there and see what others come up with lolol

  3. Suzan1957

    doors are opened for me
    asked if I would like help at the grocery store, hardware store, etc
    not having to be anywhere at anytime
    when I do something stupid, its laughed off cause its probably due to my age lol (at least that’s what they think)

  4. annemarie

    Well when I turned 60 I retired from Marshalls where I worked for 17 years. I sold my house and bought a new condo and I was able to travel and go places I also wanted to see like Ireland. I spent a lot of time with my grandsons and took them every summer for 10 years to Stone Harbor, N.J. and last year took my family on a cruise to Bermuda. Now I am very blessed to be able to do this and loved the 11 years I was able to live out in Fremont, Ca. and get to go to Hawaii twice while I lived out there. So my life is good and enjoy every day to the fullest.:)