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 Senior, not Senile and not Silly

I had a marriage failure after 65. . I felt really silly and stupid. I thought I had figured things out and finally got it right. Now I am dating and I feel the same way except I know that life is always a journey into the unknown. If you are the least bit adventurous, […]

 computer chatter

Why do we get on the computer and chatter? When no one else is there the group of chat buddies are and they are actually interested and care and don’t need to rival or compete or be afraid of your neediness or other issues. Computers can be addictive and over done so I am learning […]

 Smoking the peace pipe

I had a lunch with my Ex husband to smoke the peace pipe. All went reasonably well. We both managed to eat most of the meal. I kept trying to gauge what was accomplished. I have to say he never really inhaled. Any puffs of smoke were very insignificant, and he mostly coughed and sputtered.. […]

 Cyber Senior Dating

I have tried a few dating sites without success. They were just unmanageable; like I tried chat rooms and never found a good one till I found this one. My life was in turmoil and transition and scheduling mass amounts of time to get tech skill savvy was not on my crumpled “to do” list. […]

 Why Things Happen

I have been posting about a minor storm and my coping with 26 hours without electricity. I also had neighbors come by and drag a large limb to the side, and by some good luck there were no cars parked on that day and time. There are almost always cars parked where that limb fell. […]

 Independence versus interdependence

Independence versus interdepence is the primoral human dilemma.Do not ever think that it is not a force to be reconciled and compromises are always necessary. Nether party is ever completely satisfied; neither ever, ever, and never. I lament, bewail, and bemoan this fact and wish it it were otherwise, but that is silly and will […]

 why BLOG

Why spend valuable time blogging? I blog because it forces me to think and organize my thoughts. I get additional help from comments posted. I release some of my anxiety and I get a sense of joy from possibly helping others. I also gain skill and practice in the craft of writing. I find blogging […]

 Wearing out or rusting out

Living with arthritis and staying normal has been a life challenge since I was 30. What I learned long ago needs to be learned by all seniors. I am still in good condition according to my age. Most people my age have overdone and wore out at a fast pace and are in worse shape […]

 Kitchen Reno

I need a kithen that beckons instead of the one that repels. I need and would love help with my new kitchen project a whole new kitchen or as much as I can afford. I would appreciate any comments on cabinets, flooring, lighting, and counter tops. I may have to keep same appliances, if I […]