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 why BLOG

Why spend valuable time blogging? I blog because it forces me to think and organize my thoughts. I get additional help from comments posted. I release some of my anxiety and I get a sense of joy from possibly helping others. I also gain skill and practice in the craft of writing. I find blogging […]

 Wearing out or rusting out

Living with arthritis and staying normal has been a life challenge since I was 30. What I learned long ago needs to be learned by all seniors. I am still in good condition according to my age. Most people my age have overdone and wore out at a fast pace and are in worse shape […]

 Kitchen Reno

I need a kithen that beckons instead of the one that repels. I need and would love help with my new kitchen project a whole new kitchen or as much as I can afford. I would appreciate any comments on cabinets, flooring, lighting, and counter tops. I may have to keep same appliances, if I […]

 kicking a person when down

Why does it happen? Has it happened to you? What character flaw accounts for it? I had an insight yesterday while talking to a friend of many years. One friend in their group is facing brain surgery and is a single woman and lives alone, but has the essential designated family member to do the […]

 Password trouble

I could not get access to Senior Chatters and I forget exactly when it started, but a few days ago. It is concerining that if I had not finally found a way to get back I would have been off forever. I went to facebook, but could not post. I kepting following a prompt over […]

 Enough and Happiness

Today, May 22, 2013, I think I had an insight worth sharing. I decided that having enough and being happy with that is the key to happiness. Today I decided that I have enough of everything and my unhappiness is caused by the excess in my life, both material and spiritual. My material goods need […]