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 What Is Intimacy

This blog was inspired by a posting of this question on facebook by a lovely young educated woman with a close and loving family who who is about twenty six and may be on her way to being” the old maid school teacher”. I I have known this young woman since birth and she has […]

 Thanksgiving Day in America

Thursday, November 28th, is the United States national holiday for Thanksgiving. It is celebrated the fourth Thursday of the month of November. It is supposed to commemorate the Pilgrims good harvest and still is associated with the fall foods. The turkey is an American bird and is usually eaten on the day along with cranberries, […]

 Dating Advice from Baby Brother

I recently formed a close enough relationship with my baby brother that I felt comfortable enough to ask for dating advice.. LOL. I had to work at getting away from the mundane and he is 16 years younger and its hard to see him and not see the little boy he was. I am sure […]

 My Cyberspace life

Cyberspace has changed life as we knew about 30 years ago. Seniors my age started working on computers, then trying to find the grandchildren, then stumbling into a whole lot more. My younger sister won’t text or use a computer and many are like her. I did not want to be like the image in […]

 Love the new SC Home page

I love the new Senior Chatters home page. I love everything about it. I can see it on my screen with the bright orange strips and then I can see everything I need to know. I guess asking the opinion of members really makes a difference. Whatever it is , thanks to all who make […]

 blog yummy not yuck

I am dancing around the new blog site happier than ever. The blog needed improvements and still does but it works just fine already. I am surprised that our awesome leader Rob took us all seriously and asked for help in changing the blog to suit us. He actually meant it and did it. He […]

 male bashing, not me

I like men with their restless and lusty ways. They have some right to be as nature intended and do a great job of conforming to what is expected a lot of the time.. Men are not made to make all our dreams come true. In spite of that some do a pretty good job […]

 blog boo hiss bah

I cannot see one advantage to the new blog format. I know the intention Is to have more topics in less space; well it doesn’t work. We have that on the Home page. I find this new blog format not worth the time and effort. I won’t be using it much; I do not believe. […]

 Kitchen Remodel.

I blogged about my plans to completely remodel my kitchen. I am now about to have a delivery after a long gestation, and several miscarriages and the general contractor’s lovemaking was at his whim and a slam, bam, thank you maam affair. He whispered his intentions and then not show until I forgot his intentions […]