Thoughts in the Rain

thoughts in the rain

15. Jul, 2017

Spoilt for choice

Saturday rolls around, yet again. Another weekend of choices. Some good, some bad and some totally boring.

Should I start on a new painting? Perhaps another design for my attempt at a colouring book for adults? Or maybe a poem about how I am uncertain in how to improve my life?

I could ramble on about the latest book I am reading, 'The Essex Serpent', a strange read, really difficult to get in to, but after three chapters, I just had to go on reading and I am glad that I am doing so.

Perhaps say how I would love to live in a more countryside setting without the constant roar of non-stop traffic, roaring motorbikes and sirens but would need support to do so as I am delicate in health and in the retirement years of my life. Being currently single does have amazing benefits in that I can please myself what I do with my time, but at times, it would be helpful to have someone to chat to who actually has something in common with me, understands what I am saying without me having to try and find simple ways to express myself; rather a rarity I think. I do realise I am mostly an introvert and I have noticed that the older I get, the more it is pronounced.

I could always join a dating site, but being a realist, I cannot see that I am a desirable package as most men are looking for someone who will enjoy an active lifestyle, cook like a dream and often be on the verge of being a domestic goddess. In my case, nothing could be further than the truth. I cannot honestly say I have any desire to be married again, but as we say here, ‘Never say never again. I do not dream of exotic holidays but rather of cosy nights, watching a good crime drama cuddled up in bed with my dog, then diving back into the pages of the latest book. Not exactly scintillating, is it?

In fact I have now decided that I will raid the freezers and see if there is something that can be rustle up in a few minutes that will be edible and with a lot of luck, actually be tasty.

It looks like my Saturday is not going anywhere exciting. Please feel free to yawn.

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  1. starlette

    Haaaa creativereader…………. I think your thoughts and words echo a lot of other seniors thoughts… hard would it be to fit in with someone else’s habits and ways under the same roof, I know I couldn’t….who is going to be in charge of the TV control…….what if he doesn’t enjoy the same meals as you………even a potter around the shops will break the day up, pop in a café for a brew, plenty of people on their own do……..Winter time I don’t think we feel so guilty at cuddling up on the sofa and letting the world go by…….we really are not missing what we think we are……..

    1. creativereader Post author

      Hi Starlette,

      A lot of what you wrote made sense. I am beginning to realise that I am allowing my strong work ethic to dominate my time, which leaves me too exhausted with the M.E., but no time to do the ‘flighty’ things I would like to. I think if I can organise my ‘work’ better, than I can give myself at least one day off a week to actually please myself. Now that would be a pleasant change 😀
      I believe this spiral started when the doctor stopped me driving, which left me feeling frustrated, so I literally threw myself in to my creative efforts.
      You have certainly given me food for thought, thank you.
      Do have a lovely day.

    2. len1932

      When my first first wife passed on, the sister in law ( her brothers wife came to help me on the farm). I spent time on the computer trying all the sites to see just who was in my area as living alone was not for me. After many chats and even visiting some of the ladies, I gave up. Then I realized my sister in law whom I asked her to marry me twice was my type and enjoyed traveling and the farm life. She was going back to her own home when she realized I could not find a partner that was a country type for a wife. So at midnight she knocked on my bedroom door and was crying. She said i cannot leave you, so if you ask me to marry you I will say YES. So we got married as I was 80 and she was 70.

    3. len1932

      Walking in rain memories as a kid, I am 85 so men live to 75 and then start over. So looking at Walking In The Rain as a 10 year old.

      Watching the water go down the street drain

      Listening to pitter/patter of the rain on the roof our our cabin when it rains

      Seeing the rain drops hit the sidewalk

      Watching a beautiful rainbow in the shy

      Hanging up my wet jacket to dry and drying my hair with a towel

      Seeing the lightening hit our flag pole and burning all the rope to the ground.

      Thanking God we did not have to wash the car on Saturday to have ready for church on Sunday

  2. roseinbloom

    creative reader, thank you for sharing your life and your concerns. If you want to change your life, you may. Make more friends of all kinds and keep an open mind to endless possibilities. A man may just want a cup of tea or beverage of some sort and conversation. Well, it starts there. Some men cook, but even then may prefer a woman to do it. My sister was widowed a few years ago and now is planning a marriage in a few weeks. He cooks. I don’t know many details. They moved in together a few months ago. Life has a funny way do changing when you least expect it.
    One real way to change that is practical. Cook something very early in the day. It is too hard to cook when you are already hungry.

    1. creativereader Post author

      Hello Roseinbloom,

      Thank you for commenting on my post. I am always open to suggestions. I do have quite a lot of friends of different ages from 22 upwards to over 90, but like your friend, they have started new relationships, got married, and a lot of them have moved away. I have two young men friends, one 29 and the other 33 and between us we solved a problem that was concerning us all, they both have no garden in their properties, whereas mine is quite large, so we have sectioned off a portion at the bottom with strong wooden posts to keep my adventurous dog out and we have begun a vegetable garden. My experience and their muscle.
      I appear to always attract the men who want to go out drinking every night and to be truthful, that is not my style, but I have taken on board what you have said, and I thank you for taking the time to write.
      Strangely enough, I must have received a telepathic message from you regarding meals, as yesterday morning I cooked a shepherds pie with an accompanying cauliflower cheese with mushrooms, and so last night I was able to enjoy a proper cooked meal with relish! I even had the foresight to make it a double portion………There is hope for me yet.
      Kindest regards to you.

  3. roseinbloom

    Creativereader, I am happy that you took my message as intended. A’s we age we have to work at making friends and connections because the older people pass on or are disabled and the younger people don’t have time for us.
    Still keep an open mind. You sound like a fun person and a shepherds pie is a culinary delight. Making food early is the cinch. I started a bean soup at 7:30 and then my day turned upside down but my sausage bean soup was ready at lunch time. I cook veges early and sometimes a starch and in a few minutes I can grill or pan fry meat or fish. It works perfectly for me. I want to eat healthy and this works.
    With your veg garden you have it made.

    1. creativereader Post author

      I do always keep an open mind, and I suppose being really creative helps me a lot. My friends say I am fun and one or two say I am crazy, but in a nice way. It was my birthday yesterday, hence the late reply and one of my younger friends had heard me complaining that all walking sticks were really boring, and knowing my love of colours, lime green in particular, he bought me one and painted it in bright green and white stripes. It looks awesome and is so me 😀
      I am doing quite well getting in the habit of preparing food early and hopefully I will stick with it.
      Slightly rushed today as my adopted Mother and Dad are visiting this morning and it always tends to be a long session. Thankfully, they are both as offbeat as I am.
      Have a wonderful day without any problems or hiccups.

      1. roseinbloom

        Creativereader. You are doing great. Advanced prep is the thing to do. If morning is busy do it the day before. I was just referring to finding a life companion, you keep an open mind and explore the possibilities, but just go slowly and keep your eyes and ears wide open.
        You seem to have fun.

        1. creativereader Post author

          Hi, life partner? I reckon I have had my share and don’t truthfully expect to find another one, but I have learnt not to say, ‘never again’:D Oh yes, I do have fun in my own quiet way, thank you. Still trying to sort out the difference between a notebook and a netbook as my heavy old laptop died, and I want something nice and light, on the small side, but with a keyboard. It is a bit of a minefield as I am somewhat of a technophobe.
          Now I must go and discipline myself into preparing dinner for today. Do have a lovely Sunday.

          1. roseinbloom

            Creativereader. Never, say never is enough said. I got a chromebook as a backup computer and have never used anything since. I have had three. I have two now and one got lost since I moved but I do have 3 chargers.
            A chromebook costs 200 dollars or less and needs no security and is 10 by 11 inches, a perfect size to fit in a large purse.

          2. creativereader Post author

            Interesting that, Roseinbloom, thank you for telling me. I shall have to look into this. I am currently having to trail upstairs and use my work desktop pc, which of course, is not ideal given my inclement health. Kind of you to give me some hints and I do appreciate it.