What’s Your Personality Type?

Today for a bit of fun I tried out a test for Myers personality type. I don't usually  give these things much credibility but though I'd give it a try anyway.

It came back that I am an INFP - Introversion-iNtuition-Feeling - Perceiving

The feedback said :

Idealistic, imaginative, and passionate, you have a strong sense of your personal values and ideals and you tend to feel ill at ease in situations where you have to compromise these ideals due to external demands.

You are very sensitive to the dictates of your own imagination and conscience and by default, you dearly want to give others space to be who they are. Thoughtful and considerate, you most likely find it easy to accept society's eccentrics and misfits without rendering judgement.

Open and tolerant, you dislike prejudice and stereotypes and you are sometimes liable to give people the benefit of the doubt in situations where others think that "you should know better." Because of your idealism, you may sometimes neglect to give yourself enough credit for the things you accomplish or to speak up for yourself in relationships and groups.

Your challenge in life is to balance authenticity with practicality and find a way to be true to yourself and yet live in harmony with the world around you.

Intrigued I then looked on you tube and found a whole set of short videos about INFP Types including Portrait, Dark Side, Relationships  and WOW I really do identify with what was said.

Then I was amazed to find out that my favourite artist, authors, director, actors are INFP - Is this the reason why I like their work so much.?

I thought some of you might also find it interesting to try this out - the link is http://www.celebritytypes.com/test.php - there are no pop ups and no fees nor do you have to register.

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  1. bkwriter

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    1. Drummer

      I guess I am getting crotchety in my old age, for I object very strongly to the way Management are now inserting Advertising in the middle of our Blogs – they cheapen everything and break the rhythm of the writing!~

      1. tessa

        By the way, if you think you took the Myers-Briggs online at no cost it was NOT real. The test is VERY long and there is no earthly way it will be found free, online. Just FYI.

        1. ohcarol62 Post author

          Yeah I worked in mental health for 30 yeas so realise that… this is just for a bit of fun …. but interestingly enough it was the same outcome LOL

  2. Linda

    I am an ENFP. I have taken the test at different times in my life and I always get the same result. It is nice to know your personal styles and others you either work with or in a relationship. There is no wrong styles, but knowing lets you understand others.

    1. 5mintbreak

      Well I am with waylander on this blog. All these tests, IQ, ENFP, etc., are just time fillers in my opinion, take them all with a grain of salt as the saying goes, good for a laugh and if you enjoy so be it!.

  3. ohcarol62 Post author

    Each to their own as the saying goes ?
    The most interesting part of this for me was the negative traits … they were 100% me and because they are negative traits I do my best to keep them in check and not let them show… so the fact that 44 questions found them amazes me ?

  4. catalpa

    I’m an insj, and found the results to be fairly accurate. I’ve had to take some personality tests along my path here and there for employment reasons, because they are a statistically and accurate predictor of behavior and function. Interesting thing to note, that while these personality traits are set in our core foundation, traumatic events in our loves can change them and provide different results because , naturally dramatic events can change our core self. while many are resistant to the effort to label ourselves and others, this is an added tool for self evaluation and greater understanding of those around us–which for me is valuable.

    1. ohcarol62 Post author

      That’s so true Cat……… I found the b=negative traits one particularly useful to help understand why I reacted the way I did to a difficult situation and because it helped me understand I was able to deal with it 🙂

    2. roseinbloom

      I agree with with Catalpa, Marie and Ohcarol. . I have faith in the test, and have taken it. I forget my letters but I was not judgmental and I was not an introvert but I was close to being an introvert. I like people and groups but I require about and equal amount of time alone as I do with other people. This is all about knowing yourself and making a life that makes you successful and happy.

  5. Sansoar

    I’m a ENFJ- the description fits well with my style (i.e. almost equally extrovert and introvert) . Thanks, Carol for this link. Another great topic that helps us explore who we are! As “seniors” it is so valuable to continue learning more about ourselves and our relationships with others.

    I found it interesting that the work that best suits my personality type is actually what I did in my career! Maybe that is one reason why I loved my job so much!

    Planning to some reflecting on the results. I know I have former results stored … maybe I will dig them out and compare results over time.