My Only Poem

My Only Poem Was To Jenny as I am not a poet but a writer. Len

You are a sweet melody to my ear,

Yet so far way and seem so near,

With wonders of the internet.

I can now bring you right here.

You are a dream to behold,

Where dreams can let me be bold,

For what ever I wish for us to do,

My fantasies must now be on hold.

Someday they may come true,

And we will no longer be blue,

For the dreams I have are often many,

I mean lots and lots and not just a few.

I many not be a lovely sounding poet,

But when I meet a true friend I know it,

Down the road there maybe troubles and sorrows.

But we will lots of fun -- I Just know it.

Some day we will meet where every the corner,

And lay our head on each others shoulder,

Well know each other well from time on the internet,

And then we can think about maybe getting bolder.

Time will tell what we will do in the future,

Like a good book that we will find and nurture

We may get old and a little bit rusty,

But we will hold together Jenny and this old rooster.

By Len Granger Written on June 21, 2000

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    1. len1932 Post author

      Never met Jenny and she lost her memory with a brain tumor. As I sent the things I had in the old file over the computer, her memory started to return. Her new husband who helped her during her sickness does want her old memory to return so we said good bye. Len

      1. starlette

        Awwww……… I was hoping for an happy ending………..but glad her memory returned……. and hope you both went on to find happiness…..

        1. len1932 Post author

          At time I was talking to Jenny, she was single and I was married. My wife of 55 years was in very bad condition on dialysis and knew her time was short. One night she woke me up crying and said she wanted me to find a friend so she would know whom I would be with My wife was very worried about me so she made arrangements for her brothers widow to come live on the farm. After sister in law lived on farm for for years we got married in 2013 Companionship and travel partner has been great. She is great cook also.

  1. creativereader

    Len, I applaud you for tackling a poem when you are in spirit a writer.
    I could understand the sentiments, but may I make a small suggestion? Try it again, but not in rhyming couplets, just move some of the lines around and I think you will find it flows more easily.
    Good effort though for your first time.
    I will put one of mine on my blog and see if that helps you a little.

    1. len1932 Post author

      I never met Jenny. She was in an old file I had kept of all our letters back and forth I contacted her on the computer and she said I had the wrong person as never went by Jenny. She finally accepted that info and said she had a brain tumor and then the things I mentioned started to return to her memory. She said her new husband did not like her to regain her memory so we said good bye.

      1. len1932 Post author

        I each week write a newspaper column even at age 84 years young. This is the one published on Friday. Len

        LEN’S LINES — A Little Religion On A Positive Note by Len Granger

        Visitation Surprise

        When I was attending a small church in a town where we lived next to the Air Force base where I was assigned, this true story happened to me. I and another church member were out on visitation calling on area homes sharing the Gospel and everything was going as usual until we knock on this door.

        A middle aged man answered the door and we asked if he attended church? He said no and that he did not see how that could help his situation, as he was very depressed. I asked if we could just talk to him and he invited us into his kitchen.

        On the table where we were sitting, was a pistol laying in middle, which made me very uncomfortable. I asked him and he said that he intended to end his life tonight and nothing we might say would change that. I asked if he would put the pistol in a drawer and he did.

        He went on to tell us that his wife had left him, he was about to lose the house and maybe his job, so he had nothing to live for. I said let us pray, you and your three visitors. He said, “I only see two visitors,”… so I added “we have an unseen Guest, the Lord Jesus Christ, “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”

        We prayed and prayed that the Lord would touch his heart and change his life. Well before we left him that night the Lord spoke to him and he promised to join us in church the next day, which was Sunday. When the invitation was offered he went forward and asked the Lord Jesus to come into his life. He was baptized and joined the church.

        Later he also gave a testimony how two church members had knocked on his door and with the Lord’s help his life was changed. His wife returned and he was promoted at his job and kept his home. So he had gone from a life of desperation to a life of joy with the Lord at his side.

        Trust this Sunday we will all be in the church of our choice as we worship our living Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

        God Bless America

          1. len1932 Post author

            I have a website with the material going into my 3rd book. with about 100 stories from the last years writing. Len