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 Oh The Guilt !!

Hello Peeps……….I heard recently on the news its official, men are happier than women, how can this be? Well apparently women torture themselves with guilt about everything………its ingrained in us that we should always be hustling and bustling around the home, probably doing stuff that doesn’t even need doing, we feel guilty if we sit […]

 The Importance of Play

As an ex-nursery school teacher, I’ve ready many books about learning, and implemented many methods. One of the most important ways to teach young children is by play. Hard subjects and new skills are more easily digested when cloaked in singing, dancing, and games. That’s a way to build their self-esteem. Did you know that […]

 Too Nice.

Too Nice.  The worst, worst thing I just can’t stand. Sorry Ladies but this is mostly about You, mostly. When driving around which I try to keep to a minimum. On occasions, There is only enough room for one car to drive through at a time. So I will stop and flash to advise the other […]


Put rather bluntly, we all have a reptile brain, called the hypothalamus, that controls the hormones of our endocrine system: This brain is about the size of a walnut and It has been programmed by millions of years of evolution to ensure the survival of the species: It keeps us alive when in a coma […]

 I’m Gutted….

Well today I have been told as from next year Glitter is to be banned…… environmental issue apparently……….I cannot exist without glitter and sparkle in my life ( well maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration )……….. I am as attracted to it as  Jackdaws are to shiny objects………I have an inbuilt sensor that draws me to […]

 Christmas – Time for Christians, only?

Christians all over the world look forward to Christmas, feast days which they celebrate for hundreds of years world-wide. In these days, that’s my impression Christmas has become obsolete fort the young generations in special! How about you? What’s your meaning of Christmas ( does it means anything for you? ) How was Christmas celebrated by […]

 Rare White Calf

Home News Vacaville cattle farmer welcomes twins, rare white calf Len Granger, 85, bottle-feeds “Gabe,” a two-week old calf, at his small farm off Midway Road in rural Vacaville. Gabe isn’t albino, but his cream-colored coat is a rare lack of color to spot among the Grangers’ herd of brown Herefords. Jessica Rogness — The […]

 “It Takes a Village” Does it?

We, living today, depend on vast other persons to make life the modern way. As long as this remains available to us, we should be ok. Will it remain this way? Will it get even better?  Worse? I watched a video on Amazon Prime a few days ago called “The Hermit of Gully Lake”. It […]

 Do humans love dogs more than fellow man

Humans love dogs more than their fellow man? Two major studies showed that mankind has more empathy for pooches in dire circumstances than suffering people, according to a report in the Times of London. A UK medical research charity staged two phony donation campaigns – one with a dog and the other featuring a man. […]

 Happy Balcony

There are names and names- real names, pen- names, profile names. Isn’t it ironical- we can not select neither our parents nor our own names. Some names are unique. As a writer I did pick up a pen name or Nom De Plume. If I were okay with my real name maybe I would have […]