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I’ve posted several blogs in defense of the current generation and, yes, this is another one, so if you doubt the youngesters perhaps you should read no further. To set the scene, our local shops are in one solid row, about 18 of them. In front is a parking area which has an entryway and […]

 Mathematics: Bane or Blessing

First. Thank you all who have expressed an interest in my blog. Before reading you, I felt quite alone with my fad but now I feel comforted. Thank you again. I thought a project with a domestic slant that I am working on might be of interest: It will enable me to predict the cost […]

 Where will it go…….

Hi everyone, this is just for fun, I am going to start a story, please join in and follow on, one line only at a time……..but can keep adding to the story as many times as you wish……….lets see what adventures we can have on the way…….. This evening I took my dog for a […]

 What did we accomplish in 2017

Did I make the world a better place in 2017? I did little to feed the hungry, care for the sick or comfort the distressed. I do support those programs through the government and am happy to pay my taxes for those programs and I do vote for leaders who promise to support programs that […]

 “Ugly Christmas Sweaters”

I have noticed how over the past couple of years that Christmas sweaters have changed from how I remember them from years past. We were recently shopping in women’s apparel, and this lady steps out from behind a sweater rack was holding up a sweater neatly placed on a hanger in each hand. Her question […]

 Oh The Guilt !!

Hello Peeps……….I heard recently on the news its official, men are happier than women, how can this be? Well apparently women torture themselves with guilt about everything………its ingrained in us that we should always be hustling and bustling around the home, probably doing stuff that doesn’t even need doing, we feel guilty if we sit […]

 The Importance of Play

As an ex-nursery school teacher, I’ve ready many books about learning, and implemented many methods. One of the most important ways to teach young children is by play. Hard subjects and new skills are more easily digested when cloaked in singing, dancing, and games. That’s a way to build their self-esteem. Did you know that […]


Put rather bluntly, we all have a reptile brain, called the hypothalamus, that controls the hormones of our endocrine system: This brain is about the size of a walnut and It has been programmed by millions of years of evolution to ensure the survival of the species: It keeps us alive when in a coma […]

 I’m Gutted….

Well today I have been told as from next year Glitter is to be banned…… environmental issue apparently……….I cannot exist without glitter and sparkle in my life ( well maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration )……….. I am as attracted to it as  Jackdaws are to shiny objects………I have an inbuilt sensor that draws me to […]