Embarrassing Moments Anyone?

We all have them, uncomfortable when they happen but usually we can laugh after the event. I've chosen a few from a lifetime of the odd mishaps and most I don't remember in any detail now but I remember these.  One happened when I was a very young nurse, I was with the professor of surgery on his teaching round going from bed to bed with his class of about twenty medical students. I was there to undress a patient etc. so the "great" man could teach.

We had come to a patient with a very deep abscess and the professor was probing and taking out puss and dead tissue. A medical student standing next to me was rocking on his feet, back and forward, each forward seemed to be more forward. I thought he was in danger of collapsing on the patient and the professor, so the next forward swing I grabbed him. The student jumped away loudly hissing, leave me alone! The professor mildly told me, to put that student down nurse.

Later in life, I might have had a comeback but at 18yrs I was just very red-faced. Later in life and touring Washington DC. on a very hot day with my family. We had walked miles missed lunch and now it was late afternoon. None of us felt up to eating a regular meal and decided that an ice cream would be nice and entered an ice cream cafe. A waiter came to take orders, I was asked what I would like. Innocently I said ....oh the big special would be fine.

The rest of the family received their orders. Then I saw all heads in cafe turn as our waiter came, he had what looked like a cake display plate carried high, piled with ice cream balls fruit and all kinds of stuff. This was put in front of me! Lesson learned, always ask how big the portion is LOL! Collecting a VIP who was opening an exhibition, I was driving and felt something creeping up my neck and it seemed intent on going up my nose! Not something alive thank God! It was the wire escaped from an underwire bra' In heavy traffic, I could not yank it out until I parked.Quickly dropped the wire as I got out of the car. When I returned to my car the wire was nowhere to be found???

In my farming days I was in the pig house our neighbour had just delivered the boar to visit our prize, Miss. Piggy. In walks our local vicar with the bishop, he had called to talk over a church matter. He talks away oblivious to the fact that the boar is very busy doing the job with Miss, Piggy. I'm trying to walk them all out of the pig house when the bishop leans down to me and says.......I see why they are called boars!

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  1. Scorpio

    Mine happened decades ago but I still cringe when I remember it. I was in my local pub and a friend came in looking unusually soberly dressed. I said “Hello you’re looking smart , black tie as well , have you been to a funeral ?” Very quietly he replied “Yes I’ve just buried my dad”. I just wanted the floor to open and swallow me up !

  2. cappuccino

    Years ago,I took a girl I wanted to impress to a very fancy resteraunt…When the waiter poured the wine for me to taste,I said, “Hmmmm…Very dry”,she said quietly,”Its a sparkling wine”…It didnt end there..When the bill came, I didnt have enough cash to cover it,and had to borrow some from her..(This was before credit cards)….. She never answered my calls nor ever saw me again……I still owe her the money. 🙂

    1. Rockflower Post author

      Cappuccino….I just want to give that young you a hug and say it is OK LOL! This is one of those embarrassing moments that if it were part of film we would all laugh, altogether different if you are living through it. Such moments are the backbone of comedy writing and we enjoy watching , the observer can see it all coming. I don’t think she behaved graciously but that’s life…………

  3. starlette

    Hello Rock, once in my job as a manager in a home for people with learning difficulties i had need to call in a joiner…….the door knobs into the residents bedrooms were positioned very close to the edge of the door and the residents were getting their fingers caught when closing the doors……..two joiners turned up and asked what the problem was…….my reply………the handles need repositioning on the doors, the residents keep getting their knobs trapped in them……..another occasion when out with a member of staff grocery shopping for the home……i was one side of the fruit and veg island he on the other…… lots of other shoppers around the island…….suddenly he shouts over to me……..we will be alright for Friday night, i have been to the clinic and got the all clear……..please ground open up and swallow me……..these kind of pranks became second nature in the job…….a sense of humor was a must……..

  4. Rockflower Post author

    Love it Stalette, see these things don’t just happen to Hyacinthe Bucket! I remembered another one of mine yesterday. I was collecting a VIP for him to open an exhibition. I was suitably dressed up, driving him through heavy traffic I became aware something was crawling up my neck and seemed intent to getting in my nose. Quick look in the mirror and I see that the wire from my underwired bra’ had escaped it’s casing .So I had to drive like this until I parked before I could yank it out! Still don’t know if my passenger saw anything nothing was said but oh my!.

  5. roseinbloom

    Luckily, I don’t remember any embarrassing moments. I guess I was luck, but I often dreamed of showing up at a place naked or in my underwear or with no shoes on.I may think of a real life embarrassing moment and then it may be so embarrassing that I just erased it from memory.

    1. Sky

      My boyfriend at the time was called Billy
      Because he was a soldier
      He was away A lot
      So I met another
      Now this guy was a Mike
      One evening Billy was with me in the garden
      My lovely Mum
      Comes out
      I am off to bed you two
      There are sandwiches and coffee Ham for you Mike
      Chees for scarlett
      Mum Went up to bed
      Billy got me by the scruff of my beck
      Mike he shouted
      Its Our cat I said
      I just wanted to let the earth suck me in
      we didn’t have a cat lol
      I still love this guy
      cos he just burst out laughing

  6. blackpudlian

    In 1949,, I was invited to a twenty-first ‘do’. It was formal. I wore my Dad’s dinner suit, which didn’t fit very well but, hey, it was a formal 21st do. Most of the guests were about that age but the sister was about my age. I had been in a pretty scary accident a few months earlier and had lost all my front teeth, The temporary falsers were getting rather loose. We were served tomato soup. Somebody made a funny (?) crack. I was putting a bread roll to my mouth. I pulled it out to laugh (not that it was that funny). Guess what. Denture in soup. Splash. What to do? Pick it up, give it a lick and stick it back. Poor boy. I still feel for him, all these years later!

  7. tony1949

    Caught in a very compromising position on the top of a mountain in Wales, my girlfriend and myself was enjoying ourselves when a resue helicopter emerged from behind a higher point the pilot hovered over us waved and flew off, believe me they create a terrible draft.