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 Getting to grips with retirement.

I retired last October.  I must admit I didn’t handle it well, I missed my colleagues and people in my care.  I had worked in a Day Centre for people with learning disabilities for 23 years.  I was at a loss – coming up to my 66th birthday I felt useless. …but now I do […]

 Best Birthday Wish

I just heard of a rather original and kind birthday wish and it started me thinking. What was the best birthday wish that you received or that you would want to receive. Winning the Lottery may be the top of the list, but not very likely, but that is okay. I would be happy to […]

 “True Colours”

It never ceases to amaze me that some people’s “true colours” appear after a death in a family. My son’s mother-in-law and a good friend of mine recently died and was buried. She has 2 children – a daughter and a son. The son’s behaviour has been despicable showing his “true colours” to all people […]

 I like to learn for fun. . . 

A degree is expensive and carries many expectations. I’ve slogged through downpours, paid babysitters, and nearly failed exams, all in my quest to complete my degree. I finally gave up the traditional methods, and discovered a freebie that suits me much better. Free online learning.  Ivy league American universities like Princeton and Yale offer courses […]

 Favorite Artists?

Matisse thrills me. I have a tiny picture from his Red period in my room. He’s bold and colorful, like a child’s book illustration, but so much more. I like to look at art books. Or, browse, or mural art on google. Water views, whether they be beaches, rivers or streams. Art with humor. […]

 The White Witch’s Declaration

Some time ago I posted a blog about the White Witch of the Western Isles. She was a wonderful old lady and she gave me a gift I have treasured ever since. She also told me something which, at the time, I thought was mystical garbage. She told me that I would be the last. […]

 Happiness Is WHAT?

Happiness is WHAT? What is it like to be happy? Are you HAPPY? We are entitled to the “pursuit of it” here in the USA. I have read numerous books by credentialed people on the subject and all were right about what they said and yet I never got a good idea of it. Some […]

 JK Rowling

Is anyone else a Harry Potter fan? How about Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them? My children were about 10 and 12 when the first harry came out. I was working at the library, and wondered at all these requests for this book, and ordered it myself… and fell in love. What I loved is these […]

 Talking to the Quail

Each morning I am in the vegetable garden at 6 A M, as my dog, when I sleep, kicks my back and licks my face as he is a prompt geter-uper so I do not set the alarm clock. In the garden I water 144 summer and 144   winter squash and melons and tomatoes.  All […]

 Thoughts in the Rain

thoughts in the rain 15. Jul, 2017 Spoilt for choice Saturday rolls around, yet again. Another weekend of choices. Some good, some bad and some totally boring. Should I start on a new painting? Perhaps another design for my attempt at a colouring book for adults? Or maybe a poem about how I am uncertain […]