Talking to the Quail

Each morning I am in the vegetable garden at 6 A M, as my dog, when I sleep, kicks my back and licks my face as he is a prompt geter-uper so I do not set the alarm clock.

In the garden I water 144 summer and 144   winter squash and melons and tomatoes.  All the time I am watched by several quail resting on the white plastic fence we have  round the garden and farm.  They talk to me in their sweet coos and I coo back  to them.  In the spring they love to show me all their little ones and I have even picked up one.  They are so friendly and even stay in our trees at night   

Living out in the country is a blessing as many of my young friends are in Senior Homes with only more old people to talk to.    Any of you enjoy farm living as I do?    

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  1. starlette

    Hello Len, I don’t live on a farm but love the countryside, I am surrounded by it, you could say I live in the middle of Sherwood Forest…….as for people in nursing homes, when I have visited I don’t see people around chatting at all….the majority are sat with their heads drooped down asleep…….and my theory for that is because of lack of stimulation………not enough staff with too much to do……..always the exception though…….

    1. len1932 Post author

      The garden this morning was full of my friends. Two bumble bees, a big black crow, a hummingbird, quail, and the cows were just over the fence. Sometimes have many turkeys sometimes up to 60 in the pastures. Had to put a board by out side window as they would look inside and get the dogs barking.

    2. len1932 Post author

      I have several things I love to do, Write a weekly newspaper column for the local paper that goes to 230 countries, work in the 1/2 garden and give all the produce away free, farm with beef cattle, help people locate ancestors around the country, travel around the country with wife on AMTRAK rail. and spend time on the computer in the Senior Chat with all you friendly young people my age. Will be 85 in a month.

  2. roseinbloom

    len1932, I live in the city and I would love the farm for a visit, but care and harvesting 288 squash plants boggles my mind. What do you do with all your crop. Once I had 1 zucchini plant and I had sufficient zucchini for months. Some grew old before I needed them. I grew up in the country and thought it was too much work for me, but you sound happy there.

    1. len1932 Post author

      The 144 summer squash are producing well but not like past years. Our temps are up 110 so takes a lot of watering, morning and night.

      Take 2 bushels to church each week and give several more bushels to many others at work, post office, and neighbors, The large squash make good bread material so can freeze the bread for all year use.

  3. lo1234

    I live in the suburbs and just maintaining a deck of plants is quite enough for me. Farming is hard work. First the physical work and the mental worry about the harvest being effected by the weather if you are farming for economic reasons is just as stressful as working in an office if not greater. However, I am very thankful for anyone that farms and allows me to put healthy meals on the table. Talking to the quail and establishing a relationship with them is even more pleasurable and wow, they trusted you enough to allow you to pick one of the little ones up! I think that says a lot of wonderful things about you. Thank you for sharing this with us. It was a very pleasant diversion and a change of place. Enjoy the zucchini.

    1. len1932 Post author

      I live on a small farm now of 10 acres as sold all the rest of the farm in 2005 when rices were high. Located next to town so prices are high. Now it is a hobby with beef cattle, large garden and some chickens

  4. Drummer

    Hello Len
    Thanks for sharing with us – all I can say is that you should just carry on as you are and count your blessings – every day!

    1. len1932 Post author

      Being in the garden at almost age 85 in the morning at 6AM is great, as I water all the squash. Picking them is the hardest as bending over can sure strain the back. I thank the Lord everyday for his blessings.

  5. len1932 Post author

    I thank all you chat members for the kind words. I thank the Lord each morning before going out in garden and at night for keeping me safe. I write a newspaper column each week and would like to send this weeks as I recall it so well. Len

    LEN’S LINES — A Little Religion On A Positive Note by Len Granger

    Visitation Surprise

    When I was attending a small church in a town where we lived next to the Air Force base where I was assigned, this true story happened to me. I and another church member were out on visitation calling on area homes sharing the Gospel and everything was going as usual until we knock on this door.

    A middle aged man answered the door and we asked if he attended church? He said no and that he did not see how that could help his situation, as he was very depressed. I asked if we could just talk to him and he invited us into his kitchen.

    On the table where we were sitting, was a pistol laying in middle, which made me very uncomfortable. I asked him and he said that he intended to end his life tonight and nothing we might say would change that. I asked if he would put the pistol in a drawer and he did.

    He went on to tell us that his wife had left him, he was about to lose the house and maybe his job, so he had nothing to live for. I said let us pray, you and your three visitors. He said, “I only see two visitors,”… so I added “we have an unseen Guest, the Lord Jesus Christ, “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”

    We prayed and prayed that the Lord would touch his heart and change his life. Well before we left him that night the Lord spoke to him and he promised to join us in church the next day, which was Sunday. When the invitation was offered he went forward and asked the Lord Jesus to come into his life. He was baptized and joined the church.

    Later he also gave a testimony how two church members had knocked on his door and with the Lord’s help his life was changed. His wife returned and he was promoted at his job and kept his home. So he had gone from a life of desperation to a life of joy with the Lord at his side.

    Trust this Sunday we will all be in the church of our choice as we worship our living Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

    God Bless America

  6. Ms. K.

    @len. What a wonderful story. God changes lifes. I never do anything without praying first, because I want His input!
    I never pass a mall by my house without remembering how forty years ago, I used to see quail pecking away at the grass and trailing their long tails. When I returned to this area, I was shocked that they’d gone, pushed out by houses and stores.
    Enjoy your quail.

    1. len1932 Post author

      The quail are so tame and friendly as they sit on our white plastic fence around the farm. and garden. I learned their language so we can talk

    1. len1932 Post author

      The garden winter squash are doing well as we have white acorn squash, They usually come in green but the white are new for us last year.

      1. Ms. K.

        I’m up to my ears with wedding flowers, helping my daughter with the wedding cake and my writing. My garden has suffered this summer. 🙁 I don’t have the full Senior Chatters package, so I can’t answer private emails. sorry!

          1. len1932 Post author

            Today was another 106 degrees so it is effecting everything. We water the garden morning and evening and the quail are suffering also. This afternoon a mother quail was laying on the back lawn all worn out. My wife turned on the sprinkler and the quail went under the water spray and was enjoying it, The mothers do not have a What Not on their heads,