Millionaire Fortunes & Children

Maybe its just me that's very skeptical, but yet again a multi millionaire states that he wont be leaving any of his fortune to his children, Gordon Ramsey made this statement a couple of weeks ago, he says his children  will have to make their own way in life to appreciate money and the realities of life.

Now in theory this appears to be a very practical way of thinking, but come on, why has he worked so hard?  To give himself and his family a better lifestyle of course!  so they have become used to a luxurious lifestyle to maybe one day have it snatched away from them, well I'm just assuming here, they could have been brought up in a very practical and down to earth way, I mean they are the best friends with the Beckhams and nothing high maintenance about that family errr...  Well, I only know that most people I know who do the Lottery say the main thing they would do with their winnings ( if they were ever lucky enough to win ) was to hopefully give their family a secure future and remove any financial worries - not saying you should give everything on a plate, but to leave nothing... I don't think so!

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  1. bathchairdave

    I was very “Ramseyish” in this respect, until I grew up, then I realized that my fortune would go to the national cats home, freeloaders, and other peeps that had never done a days work (without being fired). I sound very USA inspired now – sorry cousins USA. Fact is, I would rather have my cash wasted by loved ones – than drug infested idiots. Oh dear I sound like Donald Frump. Thank you for now. Don’t forget I Luv u Star, and my starving children appreciate the funds you send me for commenting your blogs. – hehehe.

    1. starlette Post author

      Shusssh you……..the payment deal was between ourselves, I cannot afford to pay others to comment………not until I inherit from you that is…… as one of your loved ones of course…….and I promise I will waste it wisely……hehe……

  2. roseinbloom

    I don’t like inheritance going to children. I like giving as I go. When I die, there will be very little left. If I had a lot more, I would give as money was needed.

  3. sunsip

    Yes I agree with the above comments help when needed rather than later…..I know people say “they must learn to stand on their own two feet” which I suppose is true up to a point, but lets be honest what parent wouldnt help if they had the means to…..not many I suspect.

    1. starlette Post author

      My sentiments exactly……..which is why I don’t really believe the celebs who state they will leave nothing to their children………

  4. davidrv

    That guy has a real problem. Could you see him as a surgeon in the operating room? He’d wake up the patient!
    If I were a millionnaire, my family would also benefit in some way during my lifetime.

    1. starlette Post author

      Hi David…….. I am not a fan of Gordons simply because I see no need for the foul language he uses……..I guess he must be a good chef because of the fortune he has amassed……..but a sorry example to his children….

    1. starlette Post author

      Hello Lo…….well if you had been his daughter you wouldn’t be getting his money…… so I wonder where it is going………..just him doing his usual thing and creating controversy, that’s how he made his name after all…….but Paul McCartney has said the same……..but his kids are doing ok while he is still alive trading on his name…….his money has already opened doors for them……

  5. vonMichael

    Hello Star,

    you think Mr.Gordon Ramsey leaves nothing behind when he goes: No I think he leaves a lot which counts more than all of his money; frustrated and deeply disappointed children.
    I’m sure no fresh flowers will decorated his grave after his funeral. xxxM

  6. starlette Post author

    Hello Michael……. well I certainly wouldn’t be that proud of my dad if I were one of his children, a man unable to control his temper and his filthy mouth………he really should leave them lots of money to try and compensate for the embarrassment they must feel…….but hey, if that’s all they know it would be normal behaviour to them….xxx

  7. tessa

    The wealthy usually do leave everything to family. The kids may not get it all but the WILL get enough to never want for much. Celebrities often make idiotic, FALSE statements such as Ramsey, the idiot, did. That is BS.