Garden of Joy

I have a 1/2 acre garden that is fun to grow each year.  It has 144 hills of summer squash, 144 hills of winter squash,  watermelons and  tomatoes. We give 2 ton of vegs away to churches and friends in need. At 6AM in the morning it is cool outside and has been over 100 degress for several days up to 110.    I am joined in the garden by my wife and our 4 dogs as we all exercise and water the plants.    We also have a family of quail that join  us and sit on the white plastic fence around the farm and talk to us with their quail  talk. I talk back to them with similiar sounds and we all enjoy the  sunrise.

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  1. starlette

    Hi Len, long may you continue to grow your fruit and veg, I am sure the churches and friends in need appreciate it greatly…..the only things I hear cooing are the fat pigeons that use my bird bath and eat the bread I throw out…..they show their appreciation by leaving me deposits of pigeon poo…..

  2. len1932 Post author

    I was out in the garden at 6 A M again this morning and was joined by the family of Quail, a large bumble bee and in my face humming bird. It can sure move fast and get right in face and say hello, It likes I water the garden and it has many blossoms.