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 A Story of terror and vengeance

Long and far have I travelled in my search for peace. Men, monsters and things part of both have they sent against me, but I have prevailed. I found a place in the high country with the girls and was happy. As happy as a man like me has any expectation of being. Then they […]

 Guide Dog with a difference

Guide dogs for the blind are trained to be placid, calm creatures. They are trained to be non-aggressive to both people and other animals. A few years back I was walking thought the shopping precinct of a local town when I came across the exception to that rule. Picture the scene. Little old lady with […]

 Messing – Comments on experiences on SC

Once upon a time there was a little boy who just couldn’t leave anything alone. Everyone told him “You mustn’t touch that”, but did he listen? Did he hell as like. Fiddle, fiddle, fiddle. Just couldn’t leave well enough alone. Some things that were broke never got fixed. Some things that were fine before got […]


I got this as an email from a friend. It outraged me so much that I thought I’d put it in her to see the reactions. To those who think it’s disgusting, as I do, I say good for you. For any who criticise, well whee’s you head at? Quote. Wayne Rooney has just negotiated […]


So he lost. Will the world come to an end? No! Will you all stick your heads in the gas oven? No! You’ll bitch and moan for a few days and then move on. So why all the drama in the first place?

 The Wolfhound

There was once an Irish King who had lost his wife in childbirth. He had loved her and mourned her, but he had their son so the pain of loss was reduced a little. The King had a warhound. An Irish Wolfhound. Lethal in war, but a sweetheart in the home. One day the King […]


Those of you in UK will remember there was a move by our wonderful leaders to sell off woodland all over the country, making a lot of them effectively no go areas to the general public as they would then be owned by private individuals and companies. They would be private property. Well it has […]


I had occasion to visit my doctor yesterday. More fool me! I have an affliction of my right hand which is called “trigger finger” (those who know me well will find that hilarious). What it is is a small polyp that has grown on the tendon of the middle finger of my right hand (See? […]