Reflections on Mortality

I have been thinking about mortality and in particular, “Do the good die young?”

Sometimes they do. I have known more than a few good men and women who died young.

On the other hand, I have met so many good people on SC that “the good die young” just doesn’t stand up as a concept.

The good, in my opinion, die when it is their time.

I have watched that time arrive for friends and it’s a frightening thing.

On these occasions I have always pointed to the old Byrds track “Turn, Turn, Turn”. There is a time for everything, even death.

Though not a believer I’ve heard burial services far too often and a few words that usually crop up are “we brought nothing into this world and it is certain we can take nothing out”.

That is so very wrong! If we are lucky we can and do take a lot with us. We take the love of friends and family. We take memories.

When it comes down to it, what are we? Apart from a collection of atoms and molecules I mean?

We are our memories. Surely we are allowed to hold on to them?

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  1. I think we all were reminded of our own mortality after losing Pete yesterday. It had been awhile since I’ve felt such loss. I couldn’t help but notice, though, that after all the sweet words of condolence were shared, it was back to business as usual; I don’t know why I was surprised—I just thought that Pete deserved more, I guess. But this isn’t about my expectations in this situation; I think Pete would want us all to carry on and enjoy Chatters as he did. He left us a legacy of joy and compassion, and in Pete’s honor, we should move forward.

    Forgive me, Way, I should have commented on your post before going off on my own tangent. What you’ve written is thoughtful; ‘What are we?’—The word ‘miracle’ comes to mind first. The rest, to me, is unknowable and a great mystery, and I find peace in that.

    1. normijs, earlier this year when i didn’t know if my husband would live or die, it was “back to business for me”, he was worried about his clients so with a breaking heart i had over 200 of his clients to contact to cancel appointments and many other things to do. I did what I had to do. I does not mean we care less.It means sometimes the show has to go on.

      Pete will always mean a great deal to myself and Gordie we have been friends for a long time and it was with a breaking heart for him and katie that i and others kept on here keeping the site safe and helping others to keep going.

      1. You sound angry with me, Skippy. Please don’t question my motives here; I was just sharing my thoughts, not minimizing or passing judgment on anyone’s sincerity or intentions regarding Pete, or his passing. We are all reeling from the loss of a dear friend, and are doing so in our own way.

    2. No apology necessary, Normi. It was Nemo’s passing that prompted the thoughts.

      I agree. He would appreciate and, I suspect, be surprised by the number of lives he had touched, but would want us to go on.

  2. I agree Way, as Pete was one of my first friends when I joined chatters..I always refer to him as Nemo and what fun we used to have in shoutbox with the parties and his Wellie wanging competitions.We have made breakfast for one another so many times….he was a lovely fun loving person and I know he would want us to go on as he did himself even though he lost his father earlier this year…Thank you for the thoughts Way.

  3. I have not been on for a few months as I have had many fmily members pass on unexpectley..

    I have seen the results of family members when people don’t move on, and try and get back to some kind of normailty…it happened in my family and some who weren’t trying to get back to normailty almost lost themselves in a fog which they had a hard time getting out of…..
    Noone can take our memories of a person who has passed on….

    I have had family members pass on without any warning….I have seen so many who have been left deaing with grieving process in many different ways..including me…seeing the passing of my family members without any warning is a stark reminder to me that I want to live laugh and love life……as I’m sure it’s what they would want……and this is what I’m doing….I take every new opportunity I’m given….

    I saw Pete had passed away on fb and believe you me I was absolutly in shock….due to my absence I had no idea he had been unwell…

    as way says…

    We take the love of friends and family. We take memories….

    and I’ll add never ever go to sleep with regrets of something you wish you’d have said to a loved one….it may be to late as I found out sadly…:(


  4. hi way, yes memories are everlasting,, Nemos passing was a shock, I felt our prayers may bring him back to everyone,the final photo pete put on chat was Veronica and I together in a beautiful floral frame, I will never forget it. I am distressed for Katelin, its the ones kleft behind that need our care and love and I knowKate will have everyones support here on cha because we are a big beautiful family of chatters and understand . I am going through the first Christams without my beloved brother who passed away a cple of months ago, the last of my family, its an emotional time for all that have lost loved ones and , its a time for those memoreis and reflections, which will never fade away, we have to move forward, however it is so hard and each passing of one that we care for, brings all the losses back into ones mind. so keep our chins up and lean on one and other my friend. I care for all our chatters deeply. xxxxx.

  5. Wonderful post Way. I believe our spirit never dies so our memories are with us forever. It is so amazing to me how we love on SC without even meeting in person. Pete meant so much to so many of us and it was his wonderful spirit that touched us all. Our spirit is in our heart and in our being and I believe we come together in this like spirit – this is the only way I can understand how we can feel so much love for people we have not physically come in contact with – our spirits shine through – long may Pete’s spirit shine xoxox

  6. thankyou way, for a wonderful post, very thought provoking. I did not know Nemo very well but will never forget that he came into chat on my birthday to post me a lovely birthday cake with my name on it. What a lovely memory he made for me…

  7. I cannot help but think that if Pete could come back and read everything that has been written about him, he would be thrilled in his own way to know that he has left that kind of impression on, lets face it, people he has not physically met. Yet he has. Wouldn’t we feel the same if it were us?. To me, that is a legacy.

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