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I have this dog. She’s a bitch and, believe me, she can live up to that name when she wants to. About 10 minutes’ walk away from where I live is a golf course that has public rights of way across it and this leads to woodland. The golf course and the woodland are areas […]

 27th May

This day is my remembrance day. This day I recall the names and the faces. Not twisted dead faces, but laughing live faces. The living faces. Faces of friends now long gone. Over the years I have lost others. Some to illness. Some by their own hand. Today I remember them all. No-one really dies […]

 The truth about leadership

To set the scene. Two officers, Hogun and Orrin are walking the walls of a fortress under siege. One, Orrin, is slightly jealous of his friend’s easy way with the soldiers. In truth, more regret that he does not seem to have it than resentment. A young soldier asks Orrin, “Will you fight with Karnak […]


I remember my maternal grandparents quite well. They both lived till I was about 18. My paternal ones not so well. They were both gone before I was 8 so I only have vague impressions of them. Whether the memories are clear of faint echoes, I was lucky because they are all good ones. I […]

 More Than A Name On A Wall

I put a song in the music group that was titled as above. I posted it because the title made me remember standing in front of the WWII monument in Maryhill, Glasgow with my father, aged about 8, and him pointing out a name and telling me to always remember it. The name was that […]

 Thoughts on mortality

When I was a child I was immortal. I could not comprehend the thought of death. Mine or anyone else’s. By the time I reached early teens I had come across death. My Grandparents. Now I was still immortal, but others weren’t. In my late teens I joined the army and I was still immortal. […]


I have been looking at utube and other sites. Why is there so much pain out there? Why must people scream over the internet? Do they have no family? No friends? No! It seems not! I am 60 and all my friends have gone on, but I see so many of the young ones who […]

 The Darkness is Rising

Isn’t it strange that when I was a kid, parents smacked their children, policemen would belt you round the ear if you stepped out of line or back-chatted them, teachers would take the belt or the cane to you if you didn’t behave and yet the levels of violence in society, the real nasties, were […]


There was once a boy who did not believe in violence. He tried to be pleasant to all, no matter how evil or repugnant they might be. This gentle soul was therefore picked on by bullies. Looked on as an easy target. Persecuted and beaten on a regular basis. This started from his first day […]


And yet another new year approaches and my thoughts go back and back. Back to all the lads (and lasses these days) who have died in the name of political expedience. Those I have read about I mourn, those I knew I miss most terribly. Good lads all. Those who are still being lost in […]