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 Small Pleasures, What’s Yours

I knew a lady that bought herself a candy bar and a record every Saturday. The lady was a pensioner of modest means, but seemed to enjoy life. She shared rented space and shared a kitchen. She also traveled and attended the theater. She seemed to  know exactly what was important to her and how […]

 Rein Yourself In, Or Let the Chips Fall

What do you do; have a healthy diet, exercise, or spending habits; or Do you LET THE CHIPS FALL and devil take the hindmost. What do you do and how is it working for you?  I constantly vacillated from one to the other with a lot of anxiety about a few extra pounds, some lack of muscle […]

 Alternative Medicine or Curing Myself

I just recently made a decision to “Cure Myself” by turning to Alternative Medicine as the term is used in the USA. Alternative medicine is anything that is not used by the doctors, or not done the way the doctors do it. Here in the USA, doctors are good at SURGERY and Diseases that need […]

 Happy Thoughts of Old Age

I wrote a blog about the problems of aging because I believe we can share and learn and face them together, but then I thought that is not the whole picture. I am as happy as I have ever been so it isn’t all bad. I had an incredible year last year and I upsized […]

 Seniors and Big Problems

What are the big problems of seniors? Health and money and mortality issues are common to us all. I recently was diagnosed with a life threatening illness and I had to face a new level of vulnerability. I may go on for years and years and I may not. So, same is true for all […]

 USA and Thanksgiving and Real Gratitude

In the USA we celebrate Thanksgiving this Thursday. Celebrating and being thankful is not easy for a lot of us this year, because many people are very sad about the direction our government is headed.I imagine that there have been many years that people had to rev up some spirit and take a second look […]