Young Till 79 says WHO

I just read a post that says the World Health Organisation says that youth is between 18 and 79. It did so I had to rush in here and spread the word. I am, maybe you are in your youth. How does that make you feel? It makes me feel like doing a couple of back flips.

I thought I would just accept calling myself old and a friend says OLDER every time as a correction. Now I will just think of myself as still young. I know you may say that it makes no difference to you and this is bogus info and you may be right. I still want to believe it and accept it.

The downside is that we may die while still young, but maybe we will still live fully until we do. I am all for that.

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  1. starlette

    Hi Rose….brilliant news …lol…….its always been said age is but a number, but I don’t think we ever actually swallowed that…….but now its official, we are still young…… 80 the new 40..??

    1. roseinbloom Post author

      Starlette people are living longer and people are being active longer and are dressing the same as the younger people. I just started making a bigger push to be more dramatic and stylish, myself. So, I am not far from 80 but at a distance I am no different than a 40 year old. So. the old 80 could be the new 40. In all honesty, In spite of efforts, I have slowed down some and I do get tired quicker than when I was 40.

  2. janey

    I still feel young, and I’m a couple of years over 79, but I’m lucky in that I don’t health problems. Or not any that cause me a lot of trouble

  3. waylander

    Not to burst your bubbles, but I could list the many things the WHO have pontificated on over the years that they have now backtracked on in the face of proper research, lol

    1. roseinbloom Post author

      Waylander, Maybe you could give me some examples. I know the United States has a powerful and often negative influence on the World Health Organization. The US blocked the nutrition labeling of sugar. The US wanted 10% and the other countries wanted 5% and in our country we have sugar listed as a nutrient, which it is not a nutrient. White refined sugar is devastating the health of this country, lowering our life expectancy and causing mood swings and depression which may increase the crime rate and impact our educational system.
      We need to get the money interests out of the healthcare program.
      I am curious about what WHO actually got wrong due to science and not due to power brokering money interests.

  4. rose1943

    Don’t really care what these associations say. Nor what they tell us to eat, not to eat, about how we must excercise. Forget tge numbers, live and let live, we all have to pay taxes and we will all have to die. Enjoy your life and there’s no need to think about all this.
    But I do appreciate your blog, Rose. We get to say our piece.

  5. Rockflower

    Hi Rosinbloom,

    love your blog but I don’t really believe what the UN says. I’m sure you have known a few people, as I have the looked older and behaved old at 39 never mind 79! Serious illness apart I do think being “old” is largely attitude. The brain governs all, you can be bed bound but young in spirit.
    There is also the expectation of your society . Read a Victorian novel and women tended to think their lives were over come the 30s! Look at old photos’ people who must have been 40-50 yrs, looked ancient. They dressed and behaved in a certain way because that was what was expected. Any woman who dared to dress”young” was labeled as mutton dressed as lamb. The pendulum swings and some may say it has swung too far the other way, with some women spending all their energy, time and money staying young.I think there is more to life than the concentration of every minute in thinking…….what to eat, what filler, what exercise etc. On the other hand I’m a great believer in…look the part, play the part. If you look good you feel good, if you feel good you will do more and that stimulation is only good. When you are young you can shlep about when you are older you have to make the effort with the grooming. Heck I’m rambling here …just be the best you can be without becoming fanatic I guess.

  6. roseinbloom Post author

    Rockflower, I just wanted to tease a little but also talk about a serious subject; which is aging. Healthy living and genetics and good health will play a huge part in how we look and feel, but a positive attitude will make a huge difference. It is good to be moderate and balanced and it is good to be passionate about something. We all need to feel passionately about something. It is people that have enthusiasm and passion that I find interesting and these people also add knowledge and if encourage others to be know more and to do more. If people are too extreme, people will just be turned off.

  7. Tommy H

    Well I on a health improvement program. Stopped drinking beer, No cigars, riding my pushbike to and from work, feeling really great not a day over 70 now. Eating onions most of the time. Still don’t have any friends though xx.

  8. roseinbloom Post author

    Tommy H. Congratulations on the health improvement program. I think you may need to hold off on the onions before you socialize and good luck with making friends.