Remember When?

Do you remember when A Takeaway was a mathematical problem Curry was a surname A takeaway was a maths problem Pizza was a leaning tower Bananas and Oranges only appeared at Christmas All Potato Chips were plain; Our choice was whether to add salt on or not A Chinese Chippy was a foreign carpenter Rice […]

A Life Well Lived

In 1917 a boy was born in Brightlingsea, England – he was a sickly child who amongst other ailments, suffered from Rueumatoid Arthritis. He was destined never to go to school – whatever learning he obtained was self taught at home with the help of his parents. When he was 7 years old his parents […]

Time For A Smile

Many years ago (1947) to be precise, my Father was acting as the Brightlingsea reporter for two of the local News Papers The East Essex Gazette and the East Anglian Daily times. The Gazette being the local weekly, had always insisted in getting the latest news with all possible haste, often in two parts, and […]