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 The Shoe Clinic

I like so many of us have for some years suffered from leg and foot pains. My wife recently had an Ankle replacement and was having a dufficult time getting mobile again. Out of the blue her sister said – why dont you go to a shoe clinic? Well, I had never even heard of […]

 All’s Well With The World?

@roseinbloom asked for some blogs to be written – and rightly so – for many of us have been very neglectful of our Chatters Friends – many in the Northern Hemisphere have been enjoying a great summer while most of us – at least here in New Zealand, have been experiencing a very unpleasant winter […]

 What A Coincidence!

There have been many and varied responses to the question asked in the current blog WHAT’S THE ANSWER? – without doubt one of the most worthwhile blogs for a long time, for it (and the responses received) reflect the feelings of so many of us at this time. To my coincidence, just last night my […]

 The Midnight Feast

I well remember during the war years when I was about 10 years old my sister and I used to have a midnight feast. We both get into my bed, get under the covers and enjoy a Feast of Smith’s Potato Crisps with a bottle of “Pop” – we thought we were in heaven at […]

 Thinking of Manchester

Well what can you say – It is many years since I had the opportunity of visiting this great city – close on 40 in fact but the welcome the locals gave to a visiting Kiwi was overwhelming – even the then cast of Coronation Street. My heart goes out to all Mancunians in these […]

 Thanks For The Memories

Are you often nostalgic for things past – well I guess to be honest we all are at some stage particularly at “Our time of life” I have always loved music, mainly middle of the road and the old pop songs. For a long time I looked with a degree of yearning at my stack […]

 Numbness in Both Legs

I am sure that there will many Chatters familiar with this problem – were you able to overcome it? or at least improve things. I have recently turned 88 and for the last few months have experienced numbness in both legs and feet and for the first time in my life I am not able […]

 Beware of Facebook

After my usual look at Chatters – I usually move to my Facebook account through which I am able to maintain close contact with my family and friends around the world. I am aware that many folk are reluctant to use the facilities offered – but have to say that over the past 5 years […]

 Be Aware – Very Aware

Does this title worry you? I hope not but never-the-less I urge you to read 0n. Like most Chatters I consider myself reasonably aware of possible pitfalls on the Internet. However the fact is that twice in the past week I very nearly fell into the traps that we are all advised frequently to avoid […]