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 The Photo That Nearly Put Me In Jail!

I was in Port Moresby (Papua New Guinea) to record the Band of the Papua New Guinea Police. When completed, a site for suitable Photography was suggested which turned out to be local Prison Grounds. Photograph taken which featured the Band Sgt. with Fanfare Trumpet – all seemed well until prison Guards demanded we follow […]

 A Blog a Day Keeps the Blues Away

I have a confession – I am hooked on Blogs – nothing gives me more pleasure than opening up Chatters and seeing that I have received a Blog – or maybe somebody has written a blog that is of interest  to we Bloggers. Have you ever thought just how much pleasure is derived from receiving […]

 Talking Books!

I have like so many of you Chatters,  been a great reader of books – I used to be the sort of person who if I got a good book, would just sit down and read as if there was no tomorrow. Imagine then how it felt when I developed Blephritis -and this lasted in […]

 Can Somebody Please help?

I often write Blogs on the thoughts passing my aged brain – usually they are rather light and somewhat insignificant – rather I tend to satisfy myself by reading the now numerous items appearing – and what a joy it is to see that we have so many members indulging this wonderful pastime which gives so […]

 Well, Are They Just After Your Money?!

A few days back Slim Jim posted Are They Just A Way to Make Money? The question brought a number of responses appertaining to the possible meeting of anew partner using established dating agencies – the answer is obvious – Of Course they are a Way To Make Money – a legitimate business which many […]

 Is Anybody There?

I have been trying to send messages – I have written messages address to Rob – I have explained that I am continually dropping off when send a message of any sort – instead I get the dreaded This site is not responding – do you wish to reconnect – I have actually managed to […]

 Farewll to Blogger Friend

It is sad to see Dark Farm Owl leave us for in the short time I have beeen blogging I have found that he was without doubt one of our best and regular members his replies have always been well thought through and always constructive, and I have to say that I do miss his […]

 Some Christmas Thoughts

I have little doubt that all of us, as we approach 25th December have very mixed thoughts as we think of our dearly departed and on Christmases past it seems that these thoughts are always there – no matter the time of day or night – maybe mostly we think of loved ones no longer […]

 Have You Noticed?

I have been and avid supporter of Chatters for a while now. My only real interest is writing and responding to blogs, which are sometime humorous and sometimes just plain fact which I hope will prove of interest. During this time I cannot but notice the fact that Blogs are not only becoming fewer in […]

 Am I losing it?!

A few days I had a visit to the Doctor for an examination so off comes the shirt and for safety sake I also removed my hearing aid. Examination over he tells me to get dressed and I ask – where is my hearing aid? A wild search ensues before the nurse chipped in – […]